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Is Social Jet Lag Making You Fat

Weight Gain – One Of Circadian Clock Disorder Effect Worrying about your bulge around your body caused by quick weight gain and you feel...

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Body weight, Metabolism And Clock Genes

Increased Body Weight Can Affect Circadian Clock The issue of obesity in today’s people is quite popular causing different sorts of health...

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Disruption In Body’s Circadian Clock May Increase Risk Of Weight Gain

Circadian Clock Disruption Can Gain Weight Circadian rhythm sleep disorder is a state when human biological clock gets disrupted, can...

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Circadian Clock Gene Has An Important Role In Weight Gain

Do you know that there is a close connection between your body’s circadian rhythm and weight gain?  Circadian rhythm is your body’s...

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Sleep And Wake Up Process Is Controlled Through Circadian And Homeostatic Processes

Circadian rhythm is the mechanism through which our body regulates its sleep and wake up hours. The 24 hour light and dark cycle is the...

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