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What Is the Difference between Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea?

Even if narcolepsy and sleep apnea are both chronic sleeping disorders, they still have differences in terms of causes and treatments. A...

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Is There Any Correlation Between Depression And Narcolepsy?

Some people say that narcolepsy and depression always go together. However, the truth behind these two based on medical records is that...

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Is Narcolepsy Hereditary?

Narcolepsy is considered to be one of the most life threatening type of sleep disorders. It is characterized by a triad of symptoms,...

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naIs Narcolepsy a Life Threatening Sleep Disorder?

These days, narcolepsy one of the most common sleep disorders has already been familiar by many people. However, most people’s knowledge...

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I Feel Very Tired – Do I Have Narcolepsy?

I see it often asked, especially by younger people, if being very tired all the time means that you have narcolepsy and the answer is no....

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