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Core Products CPAP Pillow Review | Sleep Peacefully

This is a review of the Core Products CPAP Pillow. I will be highlighting all of the characteristic features of the product along with the positives and negatives. Finally I shall also provide a final verdict based on customer feedback and my own research on the internet.

Why use the Core Products CPAP Pillow?

If you are a CPAP user, you will know how hard it is to sleep with a mask and hose on your body. It will take some time getting used to. Most people stop using CPAP therapy because they are not comfortable while sleeping with it. The Core Products CPAP Pillow is designed in a scientific manner to increase your comfort levels while sleeping, it will simultaneously provide your neck with the optimum support it requires.

Thus it will increase your comfort levels and this will subsequently increase your compliance to the CPAP treatment. This is very important since CPAP therapy is necessary every single time you sleep, to allow you to breathe freely.

Highlights of the Core Products CPAP Pillow

The Core Products CPAP Pillow

The Core Products CPAP Pillow

  • It has been designed by CPAP users for CPAP users
  • Increases usage and compliance
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Special fitted pillowcase is included in the package
  • 13.5” X 19.75” X 4.25” dimensions
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • Dryer safe
  • Provides optimum neck support
  • Best for people who prefer to sleep on their sides

Customer Feedback from Amazon

Positive Feedback:

  • “I didn’t fight with my pillow, and I didn’t wake up when I changed positions… I dreaded the thought of fighting for a comfortable position throughout the night… So far this pillow’s construction and comfort have made my life a little more restful.”
  • “love this pillow! I was having problems with my normal pillow pushing the mask away from my face and causing leaks… Other comfort pillows are either too large or to heavy …This one is just right! It’s not super hard but not so soft you sink into it… It’s just a great item and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a cpap who likes to sleep on their side.”
  • “If you are wondering which CPAP pillow to buy, get this one if you are looking for firm support… The cut outs perfectly accomodate the hoses… It is quite comfortable with good neck support… It comes with a removable pillow case.”

Negative User Comments:

  • “Put my neck in a bent position, obstructing my airway… I could not use”

Verdict on the Core Products CPAP Pillow

Customer Feedback from Amazon on The Core Products CPAP Pillow

Customer Feedback from Amazon on The Core Products CPAP Pillow

From my research I have found that the Core Products CPAP Pillow is a great product. It is designed to provide support for your neck and simultaneously increase your comfort levels of CPAP therapy. I found only one negative review, where the pillow did not work for that one person. The pillow is available in different sizes from which you can choose. The other negative which I observed is that only one pillow cover was enclosed without an option to purchase more. This is not a very big setback; you can easily wash the cover during the day within a few hours and reuse it in the night.

The Core Products CPAP Pillow is worth all of your hard earned money. It is designed well and performs the function for which it has been designed.

Final Words on the Core Products CPAP Pillow

I hope my review of the Core Products CPAP Pillow was helpful to you. Feel free to visit Amazon to read more customer reviews for the product.

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