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How to Get Your Teen To Wake Up In The Morning

Wake Up Teens But Carefully

Teenage is a delicate phase of life in which parents have to give immense care and love to their children. To avoid several health issues or sleeping issues, it is necessary to give enough attention to the way to get them up in the morning. Circadian rhythm sleep disorder which is one of the most common teenage sleep disorders of this time can be controlled if parents help their teens to wake up in the morning and advise them to get to bed on right time. Here in this article, you will see how lack of  morning light can affect teen’s sleep and how parents should wake them up with sunshine.

Waking Up Teens Can Be Frustrating If You Behave In Other Way

Indeed, being a parent you must have passed through this situation when you go to your teen’s room to wake them up again and again, but every time they ask for more time to sleep and thus, you have to struggle a lot as their school time is getting nearer, but are not even ready to leave the bed. At such condition, it becomes quite irritating for parents to deal with children. So, in case parents should behave in smart way. Any wrong move can lead them to be more frustrating.

Teens Sleep Is Same As Baby Sleep

Circadian thythm sleep disorder - teens sleep

Help Teens To Waking Up Early In The Morning

As per some experts, teens need sleep as babies do. However it is not possible for them to get that amount of sleep due to their several duties and worldly responsibilities. Some teens can make it done but if they act in wise way. Getting to bed early at night will help them get ample sleep at night. For instance, teens that go to bed at 8 PM often sleep enough as they require. This is not an easy job for teens because only taking sleep in not only thing in their life, but they have to complete their homework and some like watching TV etc. do not let them sleep on such time.

Over Night Waking Can Cause Problem In Waking Up In The Morning

Indeed, when teens have to wake up at night for long hours and they sleep lesser than require, then it makes them feel difficulty when waking in the morning. Generally, those teens struggle a lot in morning hours to get to wake. Such schedule disturbs their circadian rhythm which is the body clock of individuals and this condition is referred as circadian rhythm sleep disorder.  This is very critical sleep disorder which can only be cured with precision and complete support of experts and parents.

Encourage Teens To Finish UP All Pending Work Early In The Evening

A timely schedule is necessary to help teens to get enough sleep at night and get up early in the morning. When they will sleep early, then they easily wake up with chirping of birds. So, ask teens to finish up all their pending homework or other duties by 8 PM and try to get them to bed at 8-9 PM every night. Following this schedule, they will gradually, feel ease in the morning time to wake up.

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