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Snoring Throat Spray | Silent Snore REVIEW

Snoring is a condition which many people suffer from, it usually prevents ones loved ones and close family from getting a goodnights sleep, thankfully treatments such as snoring throat spray are available. Snoring occurs due to an obstruction in the throat or air passageway, this causes vibrations as air passes through the passage; these vibrations are the snores that people hear. Snoring throat spray is a simple and effective method to stop snoring. These sprays are usually made up of natural oils which act as lubricants. They completely lubricate the throat and allow for passage of air without the production of vibrations thus eliminating snores.

Usage of Snoring Throat Spray and Options:

These sprays come in a variety of sizes and shapes. All one has to do is simply spray the back of one’s throat a few times with the nozzle of the snoring throat spray. This will transfer enough lubricant to completely coat the throat and stop snoring. Snoring throat sprays from different companies usually comes in a variety of different flavours, so one can choose one based on preference and taste.

Silent Snore is one of the sprays currently on the market.

Silent Snore REVIEW – What Makes it Different:

Silent Snore is an anti-snoring spray which uses a patented compound MSM (methylsufonylmethane). MSM is an ingredient found usually in vegetables and fruits which can be easily digested by the human body. Thus it has no side effectswhatsoever. This spray is different from others since it does not use any natural oil to create the end product.

The spray is meant to be used 30 minutes prior to sleeping. One or two sprays will usually do the job sometimes an extra spray may be required. Upon swallowing the MSM will start its work and stop snoring.

From research in Amazon, forums, buyer feedback and on the internet in general, I found mostly good and great reviews along with a few bad ones. Of the 11 reviews on Amazon, 7 are 4 star or higher (64% highly positive). Only 4 reviews are bad.


Silent Snore Snoring Throat Spray

Extracts of 4 Positive Comments for Silent Snore and 2 Negative ones:

  • “…the snoring was horrible. Since I’ve been using this product I haven’t snored like I did before… I’m really grateful… I fully recommend it.”
  • “Unbelievable, four sprays in the mouth before bed and on the 1st night, no snoring… so nice to wake up in the same room with my husband.”
  • “… received the spray this week… past two nights have been snore free… really happy with the product.”

Clinical tests which were conducted proved that Silent Snore reduced snoring in 90% of all the test subjects.

The Bad:

  • “Tried… does not work… tastes really bad.”
  • “I hated the after taste it left in my throat.”

Further Silent Snore Research helps understand the comments

From further research I can state with confidence that Silent Snore works for most people and completely stops snoring. The major negative point of the product seems to be the taste of the spray. While many have no problem with the taste some find it bad and revolting. Additionally the spray did not work for a few people.

But one should still try out the spray. Not all people hated the taste and in most cases it worked. A little after taste is a price one can easily pay to allow ones family and loved ones to sleep peacefully.

However if the spray does not work for you then maybe you should try the following alternative choice:

An Alternative Throat Spray – Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Spray

Snoring throat sprays breathe right

Breath Right Snore Relief Spray

Breathe Right snore relief throat spray has gotten great reviews on Amazon. Most people found it to be effective, only a few found it to be bad. The positive points are:

  • It works to reduces loudness of snoring
  • Reduces frequency of snoring
  • Has a nice taste
  • As with other sprays you don’t have to sleep with a device – gives you freedom

The negative points are:

  • Some people observed improvement but not 100% cure
  • Sleeping on the back still can bring the snoring out
  • Seems to work really well one most people but not work on some. 1 reason is I saw someone who snored due to nasal congestion who gave a bad review – but that is not fair because the spray is for the throat not the nose. If the snoring is nasal then nasal strips should be the better choice.

Snoring Throat Sprays – Final Comments

Various products are available in the market to cure sleep disorders like snoring. Using a snoring throat spray is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to stop snoring and it also allows you to stay free from wearing any devices. Silent Snore is a very effective solution – the taste may require getting used to. Its results are very good and one should give it a try especially since it is not a lot of money at all. If the Silent Snore does not work for you then you can try Breath Right snore relief spray. Every human being is different, for some one of the two sprays will work for some they will not. The important part is to try different sprays to find one that works perfectly. A very small price to pay for the peace of family, loved ones.

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