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Stages of Sleep Deprivation

Stages Of Sleep Deprivation

To understand sleep deprivation borne of the different sleeping disorders you need to know the stages of it. The first three days without sleep can be considered as the early stage, symptoms manifest at this stage, a person may feel irritable, tired, have dark puffy eye bags and have a floating in the air feeling. How does sleep deprivation occur? Those who are stressed, burdened with work, too busy and pressured with deadlines, laden with problems and experiencing depression often have sleeping problems. Some take pills and other medications without prescription which are hazardous to the health.

Middle stage – It’s been 5 days but you still you can’t sleep well, at this stage, hallucination and symptoms leading to being psychotic can be experienced.

If sleep deprivation symptoms occur do not wait for several days before doing anything, consult a doctor immediately or at the very least force yourself to have good quality amount of rest / sleep before bigger problems start manifesting.

Stages of Sleep in Short

The two categories of sleep are (REM) Rapid Eye Movement and (NREM) Non Rapid Eye Movement. Non-REM is divided into three stages which include stage N1, N2 and N3. The normal cycle is N1 to N2 to N3 to N2 to REM, N3 known as delta sleep involves a greater amount of sleep compared to the previous stage.

Stages of Sleep Deprivation Sleep Cycle

This photo shows the different stages of a normal sleep cycle, unfortunately a person suffering from any of the stages of sleep deprivation does not undergo the same sleep cycle.

Importance of Diagnosing the Stages of Sleep Deprivation

Before treating a patient who is suffering from sleep deprivation, it is important for a doctor to determine the stage of the patient’s condition. The problem has disturbing effects physically and mentally. Here are some of the common effects: mental health problems – hallucinations , heart disease, stroke, attention deficit disorder, weight gain, weight loss, obesity, blurred vision, slow reflexes and headaches. Based from these effects, it will be easy for the doctor to diagnose a patient. While everyone can experience this, stages of sleep deprivation makes it easier for the doctor to determine the severity of case and what treatment best for the patient.

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