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Verbena Pure Essential Oil Can Help With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea means cessation of breath. It is a sleep disorder in which the sufferer has frequent episodes of obstructed breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea is completely curable with CPAP mask or without CPAP mask. In fact, there are so many treatments other than CAPA masks or you can even say that CPAP masks are one among various solutions available for sleep apnea such as Tracheostomy, UPPP, Mandibular Myotomy, LAUP, Somnoplasty. If you are looking for some alternative medicine or therapy for sleep apnea treatment they are also at your reach.

Calming Herbs To Relax Can Treat Sleep Apnea

Verbena Pure Essential Oil Can Help With Sleep Apnea verbena

Verbena’s Therapeutic Properties Promote Relaxation

If you are a victim of mild sleep apnea and most of the time you feel frazzled and overwhelmed; a few calming herbs to relax can help you sleep better. Verbena is a name most popular among the few calming herbs that are easily available and offer you relaxation and better sleep. This aromatic plant is cultivated for its leaves other than its ornamental appeal. The process of extracting oil form the Verbena leaves is a tricky one and that makes it relatively expensive to other essential oils of similar range. The oil has therapeutic properties but it is also used in the making of high quality, expensive perfumes.

Verbena’s Therapeutic Properties Promote Relaxation To Cure Sleep Apnea

Pure verbena essential oil with its all therapeutic properties helps to ease anxiety, exhaustion and also helps in blood concentration. Its main properties or ingredients are limonene, cineole, citral and geraniole which make the lemon verbena a strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antispasmodic substance. Among various medicinal values the verbena pure essential oil best help in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. The basic of the verbena oil is to promote relaxation in the body that ultimately helps in insomnia and other stress related sleep disorders.

Verbena Oil May Cause Irritation

Pregnant ladies should make use of this oil with caution.The oil is associated with uterine muscle stimulation and it is believed that the oil also increases woman’s stamina. So take precaution and carefully use the oil if you are pregnant. The verbena oil may also cause irritation in the skin so avoid direct application of the pure verbena oil on your skin. Dilute it with carrier oil and take a test over a small spot of your skin to see if it causes any irritation. If you pass the sensitivity test, still you should use the oil with caution.

Natural Methods To Treat Sleep Apnea

Herbs or any alternative therapy have the benefit that you don’t have to undergo treatment that causes pain. Regular use of such herbs offers gradual improvement over sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Other than the herbs there are some special foods that also play an important role in treating OSA. They help reduce excess weight from your body as being overweight is a major risk factor for sleep apnea. Strengthening week muscles inside your throat is another natural way to treat sleep apnea without CPAP. You need to practice these exercises regularly for three months at least to see positive results. Although, these natural methods take time and demand for dedicated efforts but in long run they bring great results.

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