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Familial Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome

What Is Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome

Today sleep disorders have emerged in different kinds and familial advanced sleep phase syndrome is quite critical sleep disorder in which the sufferers have seen complaining for early sleep onset in the evening that causes early awakening in the morning and it becomes a regular habit of the person. The issue of early awakening is quite common and many people are concerned with this problem. But, elderly people or adults have least complaint of advanced sleep phase syndrome. After going through several cases of ASPS, it is found that it is related to human circadian rhythm. Therefore, it can be said that people who get to unhealthy sleeping habits, can be victim of familial advanced sleep phase syndrome.

Evaluation Of Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome

To evaluate this issue, sleep study experts have gone through a thorough evaluation. In this evaluation, a large family having ASPS issue had participated. The family consists to 32 members. The evaluation included onset and offset sleep measurement, dim light melatonin, questionnaire based on morningness and eveningness of Horne Ostberg and several clinical interviews. The result showed significant advancement in sleep phase onset as well as offset. This evaluation resulted that the sleep onset on people with asps was 2121; however this onset was only 0025 hours on people unaffected to ASPS.

Early Awakening – Familial Advanced Sleep-Phase Syndrome

Differentiating Familial Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome Sleepers From Normal Sleepers

The comparison between normal sleepers and sleepers influenced with ASPS is quite obvious because there is enough difference in sleeping habits. A sufferer with ASPS fixedly go to his or her bed and wakes up three or four hours earlier in comparison to normal sleepers. The circadian rhythm in such people works in different way. Although, the routine of this body clock is different as it works in natural way on a cycle of 24 hours. Several geneticists believe that it is an inherent issue.

Blood Levels Of Melatonin Is Caused By ASPS

It is suggested by sleep experts that this disorder ASPS can cause blood levels of melatonin and simultaneously core body temperature. This condition causes sleep cycle earlier than normal ones. Sleep experts also suggest this issue as inherent problem and categorized it as 2q gene or hPer2gene. This issue can be managed with hypothalamus prachiasmatic nucleus. Due to the interpretation of mutation, the natural body schedule gets damaged from which the necessary gene gets missed. The genes are essential component as it alters circadian rhythm.

FASPS Symptoms Look Normal But Critical In Particular Way

Indeed, the symptoms of this sleep disorder are quite casual and you will hardly see any problems or complexities due to this issue. The only problem with this disorder is the earlier sleep onset than desired. These symptoms do not go away for at least 3 months when occurred. It makes the patient feels helpless to wake up in normal time. These symptoms are quite common in elderly people. You will hardly find any young person facing this issue. Apart of other symptoms and issues, familial advanced sleep phase syndrome patients suffer from low energy in afternoon or daytime too.