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For Anonymous Donations just put in the message that you’d like to be anonymous or email me (click contact above) and let me know and your initials & location will not be listed. Thank you for your generosity!

People Who Said “THANKS!” 🙂

2. Anonymous (from Anonymous)
1. Anonymous (from Anonymous)

Help This Website Survive & Prosper so it Can Help More People!happy smiley

There are many costs to running this website (both money and time), but ultimately I want to help as many people suffering from sleep disorders as possible for many years, if possible forever!

Donations Inspire Me!

They are super for my motivation and result in more articles and more people helped and more issues discussed + can help me make design or other website improvements.

Where the Money Goes?

Honestly, it will help pay my bills at home, buy more books, pay for specialists to improve my website and basically ultimately help make me more successful, which in turn allows me to contribute more and help more people so your donations start a kind of a love and support chain reaction!

love chain reaction

Something Else Instead of Donating

You can also always buy anything from Amazon after going through one of my Amazon links on my website and I will receive a 5% commission (You can buy anything, not just what is shown. Amazon has a rule which says if the person came from the website then anything they buy within 24 hours they will give me the 5% commission).

You Can Also “Donate” a Recommendation

If there is an article which you like you can click to share it with Google +1 button on the top right hand side of the article (please don’t recommend the donate page :)) or just go to my Home Page and click on Google +1 to support the entire website. Thank you!!

What Amount to Donate?

I believe every person has an amount they are comfortable with. For example, for me $100 is a big amount, but if something costs a few dollars in the shop I can buy without much trouble. I know some people much wealthier than me for whom $100 is peanuts, etc, etc, etc. So any amount sent I respect very much and I am grateful!

thank you