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Sleep Stages | How to Recognize Deep Sleep?

Two types of people wonder about what are the sleep stages and signs of deep sleep:

  • Curious people looking to learn
  • Parents or other adults taking care of children with issues

Sleep Stages – A Short Description

Just in very short we have 5 stages of sleep which are made up of 4 stages of Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) where we do not dream and the 5thsleep stage where we dream.

Deep sleep is the 3rd and 4th (more the 4th) stage of non-REM sleep. The 4th stage, also known as delta sleep, is where we are in most deep sleep with our brain generating slow delta waves. (Awake = beta, light sleep = alpha).

Sleep Stages -The Signs of Deep Sleep

1 short note about deep sleep signs: the reactions or behaviours can easily differ from person to person, especially depending on their health and if they have a sleep disorder. That said, below are
the elements of deep sleep for children and adults all mixed in – see what applies for you:

  • no tension in the face
  • no twitching
  • no eye lids jerking (in other words no rapid eye movement)
  • no smiling or whimpering (we show emotions when we dream which is not during deep sleep)
  • no teeth grinding
  • not a lot of movement
  • most of the time (not but always as a rule) snoring means the perso is in a deep sleep

(As a note of curiosity it is possible to enter deep sleep state or the state where the brain generates delta wavelengths through meditation)

Sleep Stages: Last Note on Recognising Deep Sleep

During my research I stumbled upon this comment, which I wanted to share:

“There is no way to tell just by looking at someone. I’ve run hundreds of overnight sleep studies, and the only way to tell is by looking at their brain waves. (By Rick M.)”

In principle what this person, Rick, says makes lots of sense if you need to find out with a 100% accuracy, but if you are curious about signs of deep sleep, various sleep stages or taking care of someone the signs I gave above will give a good accuracy chance that you can say you are observing deep sleep.

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  1. It was such an informative article about sleep. I think that it would help me determine whether I have sleep disorder or not. I am really interested about this topic.