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Types of CPAP Masks

Sleep Apnea is a respiratory disease which causes abnormally low breathing in people. This condition mostly occurs due to a block or obstruction in the respiratory tract. The most common Non-Surgical cure for Sleep Apnea is CPAP. Also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, the machine will use air pressure to keep the respiratory tract open, thus allowing you to breathe freely.

The CPAP Mask:

The CPAP mask allows the pressurized air to be delivered to the patient through the nasal passageway, this makes the breathing easier. These masks come in a variety of shapes and types. It is essential to purchase a good quality mask which will fit you perfectly. When purchasing a CPAP mask, ensure that it fits you perfectly over the face, material of construction is smooth, and the mask does not suffocate you and ensure that leakage is not present.

The Types of Masks:

Different manufacturers provide a variety of CPAP masks. Based on your preference and choice you can select from:

1)      Triangular Masks:  This is the most common type of mask which is generally used. They are scientifically designed in the form of a triangle to easily fit your nose. A strap will be present on the mask, which will allow you to secure the mask over your mouth.

2)     Oral Masks: This mask has been designed for people who sleep with their mouth open. These oral masks also come with a heated humidifier, which will keep both your mouth and regions of your throat wet. The only disadvantage of this mask is that certain people find it very uncomfortable to wear due to the nasal plugs attached to the device.

The Different CPAP Masks Available

3)     Nasal Pillow Mask: This mask has two separate parts; both have to be inserted in to the nostril itself. While using this type of mask, place the tubes by looping it over your head. This will allow you to sleep on either side of the body without disturbing the arrangement of the mask.

4)      Hybrid Pillows: This type of mask is usually a mixture of two or more masks. This type of mask is useful for patients who suffer from Mixed Apnea, who also face the problem of equipment which does not fit them.

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  1. On my machine I have a setting for type of masks….settings are x1 or x2 or x3 or x4.

    What are those settings. I cannot find any explanation anywhere. Thank you for your help.