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Acupressure for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition in which a person unconsciously grinds or clenches his or her teeth, which can cause various complications, such as damaging teeth enamel, temporomandimular joint disorder, headaches, earaches, etc. There are no exact proven causes for teeth grinding, however, psychosocial factors, specifically stress, are believed to put a person at risk for teeth grinding problems. Teeth grinding is more common in children than in adults. Even though most children can outgrow their teeth grinding problems, there are some children who can’t outgrow it and still have teeth grinding problems even when they are already adults.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure for Teeth Grinding

The theory behind acupressure is that the body is divided into points that are located on meridians. Blood vessels are considered to be healthy meridians when they are not obstructed that allows normal flow of energy. Once meridians are blocked, that is when acupressure is applied to the certain blocked meridian to help in restoring energy flow and getting rid of the obstruction. It is also believed that by applying acupressure to certain meridian points, endorphins will also be released. Endorphins are biochemicals that can help in fighting stress and help the body relax.

Acupressure and Teeth Grinding

Before an acupressure practitioner starts doing or performing acupressure treatments, he or she will first ask you series of question that can help in determining the nature of your teeth grinding problem. Once all information and details are collected, the acupressure practitioner will then start with the acupressure treatment. He or she will then ask you to comfortably sit down or lie down, then firm, depp pressure will then be applied to certain points in your body. Most commonly, for teeth grinding and/or joint pain, the pressure point is located between the thumb and index finger. That point is where the acupressure practitioner will target. Aside from the pressure pint between the thumb and the index finger, there is also a pressure point for teeth grinding or joint pains in front of the ear.

Acupressure Considerations

It will be best if you are going to ask your doctor’s permission or advice regarding acupressure treatments. Even though acupressure is considered to be safe, acupressure can still possibly aggravate certain medical conditions. If you wish to undergo acupressure treatment, just make sure that the acupressure practitioner is a professional and always make sure that you have your doctor’s approval first.