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What is REM Sleep Disorder?

REM sleep disorder or RBD is a sleeping phenomenon that was truly described in the year 1986. This sleeping condition involves some...

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Sleep and Alcohol

The exact function of sleep is still unknown as of the moment, however, it has been proven that sleep plays a very big role in keeping one...

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Sleep Talking Remedies

Sleep talking or somniloquy as its medical term is a type of parasomnia that can commonly affect younger age groups. One thing good about...

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Sleep Talking Treatment Options

Sleep talking is a type of sleep disorder, specifically a type of parasomnia that is common to affect younger age groups. Sleep talking is...

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Causes of Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is a type of parasomnia that causes a person to talk during his or her sleep. The medical term for sleep talking is...

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Why do People Sleep Talk?

Sleep talking or somniluqoy is actually a type of sleep disorder. Most people think that sleep talking is normal, but what those people do...

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Sleep Talking

Many people think that snoring is only the problem associated with sleeping. What some people do not know is that there are other...

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