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Sleep Talking

Many people think that snoring is only the problem associated with sleeping. What some people do not know is that there are other conditions that can take place during sleep that can be very disturbing to other people who are sleeping in the same room as the person affected with the sleep condition. The condition I am referring to is sleep talking. Sleep talking is even considered to be one of the many sleep disorders and it is even a common sleep disorder. Sleep talking is very common and can affect anyone from all age groups.

What is Sleep Talking?

Sleep Talking

The medical term for sleep talking is “somniloquy”. It is very common for people to take this sleep disorder for granted, since most people do not even have any idea that sleep talking is classified as a sleep disorder. There are numerous different factors that can cause sleep talking. Two of the most common causative factors for sleep talking are stress and illness. Aside from the two possible causative factors mentioned, sleep talking can also be triggered by poor sleep cycles. Relaxing through various relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, etc., before going to bed can help in preventing a person from sleep talking studies showed.

Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Talking

Not all episodes of sleep talking possess the same signs and symptoms. Some episodes of sleep talking will only have small mutterings, however, there are some episodes of sleep talking consisting of long conversations. The mutterings or the talk of a person talking in his or her sleep may be random incomprehensible words or phrases (jargon) or it can also be full complete sentences. In fact, vulgar statements can also be said during sleep talking. In rare cases of sleep talking, the person affected by the sleep disorder will yell, thus creating a disturbance to other people sleeping near or close to him or her.

Sleep Terrors and Sleep Talking

There is another form of sleep talking, a more aggressive form known as REM Sleep Behavior Disorder or RBD.  In REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, the person affected will not only mutter, the person affected by the disorder will scream very loud accompanied with kicking. The person affected by the disorder is always unaware about them screaming and kicking during their sleep. They are even shocked when they are told by other people about their screaming and kicking episode during their sleep.