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Sleep Talking Treatment Options

Sleep talking is a type of sleep disorder, specifically a type of parasomnia that is common to affect younger age groups. Sleep talking is medically known as somniloquy that causes a person to sleep during his or her sleep that can be caused by many different factors. Sleep talking is a medical condition that can either exist alone or can be associated with another sleep disorder. Most of the time, sleep talking is not harmful, as a matter of fact, there are some episodes of sleep talking that are funny to hear. However, there are also times that episodes of sleep talking are offensive, vulgar, and violent. An episode of sleep talking will usually last for up to 30 seconds and can occur several times during one sleep cycle.

Treatment Options for Sleep Talking

Sleep Talking Treatment Options

As mentioned above, sleep talking is most of the time harmless. However, it will be best if the person affected with sleep talking to see a sleep specialist to make sure that their sleep talking do not have any negative effects to their overall health by interfering or altering their normal sleeping pattern or disturbing other people who sleep in the same room as the one affected with sleep talking.

Sleep Diary for Sleep Talking

Before making any treatment plans, the sleep specialist will usually ask the patient to keep a sleep diary for at least 1 week to 3 weeks. Keeping a sleep diary is very simple to do. The patient who is asked to keep a sleeping diary will only be asked to write down the time he or she thinks that she fell asleep and then write down the time he or she wakes up. Aside from recording the time you wake up and sleep, there are some sleep diaries that require patients to include other lifestyle factors, such as consumption of caffeinated beverages, intake of pharmacological medications, physical exercise routine, etc. After completing the whole 1 week, 2 weeks, or 3 weeks of your sleep diary, you will then have to give it to your sleep specialist for evaluation.

Sleep Study for Sleep Talking

If there are complains or reports that sleep talking of a patient includes screaming, kicking, thrashing, and/or other violent behaviors, it will be most likely for a sleep specialist to advice the patient to undergo sleep study. Sleep study is very important to properly diagnose the medical condition and it is also very important in determining the right and most effective treatment plan for the patient.