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Causes of Bedwetting in Teens

Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is a fairly common medical condition in young children, but not so common in teenagers. Yes, teenagers can still be affected with bedwetting. Most of the time, children can outgrow their bedwetting problems, but there are a few or some children who can’t outgrow bedwetting problems and suffer it even during their teenage years. Bedwetting in teenagers can really have negative effects on their overall life, since bedwetting can really be embarrassing and teenagers’ self-esteem and self-confidence may be lessen.

Causes of Teen Bedwetting

Causes of Bedwetting in Teens

There can be a lot of different causes of teen bedwetting, not only that a teenager was not able to outgrow his or her bedwetting problem during childhood. Bedwetting in teens can be caused by a more serious underlying medical condition. However, teenagers suffering from bedwetting are commonly the ones who simply have yet to outgrow from the bedwetting problem. If a child has already outgrown bedwetting and during teenage year, bedwetting appears again, it can be a sign of a minor problem commonly allergic reactions or it can also be a sign of serious trauma. One not so common cause for bedwetting in teens is substance abuse.


One of the most common or major causes for bedwetting in teenagers is genetics. When saying genetics, there are a lot of factors under genetics that can cause bedwetting, such as delayed maturation, underdeveloped bladders, and history of bedwetting in the family. Bedwetting that is believed to be associated with genetics, no matter which of the three factors of genetics mentioned above, most teenagers will eventually grow out from nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting.

Dietary Changes

If there are no problems in outgrowing bedwetting from childhood to teenage years, and still a teenager suffers from bedwetting, then bedwetting can sometimes be caused by changes in the diet or dietary changes. If teenagers are not used to drinking caffeinated beverages, consuming dairy products, and taking food and beverages that are diuretic, then at some point during their teenage years they started to consume those mentioned, then most probably their bedwetting is brought about by dietary changes. There are isolated cases of teen bedwetting that is caused by an allergic reaction to something that the teenager has taken or consumed. Always keep in mind that no matter what the cause or causes of the bedwetting in your teenage daughter or son, you need to consult a healthcare professional to know the right remedies, treatments, and therapies for your teenager.