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Bedwetting during Sleepovers

Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is not an unusual problem in younger children. Most of the time, bedwetting can be outgrown once a child turns 6 years old, but there are a number of children who can’t outgrow their bedwetting problems. Bedwetting can be embarrassing and stressful at the same time. There are numerous ways that can be effective in stopping bedwetting in children, however, before choosing or deciding on which ways will be done, talking with your child’s pediatrician should be done to make sure that your child’s bedwetting problem is not caused by a more serious underlying medical condition.


Bedwetting during Sleepovers

Children love to go sleepover at their friend’s house or even at their cousin’s house. However, there is one thing that can make a sleepover into somewhat a nightmare for children. Children who normally wet their beds at night and go to sleepovers can cause them to be anxious and be under a lot of stress. Children who can’t help but wet during their sleep on someone else’s bed can make them feel very embarrassed. However, children who normally wet their beds do not have to be forbidden to go to sleepovers, since there are ways that can be done to prevent bedwetting during sleepovers and other nights.

Mind over Body

There were studies and researches conducted about how the power of the brain can work wonders in keeping dry at night during sleepovers or when sleeping on other people’s bed. Children who keep on thinking that they should not wet the bed during sleep over can actually help in keeping them from voiding at night and sleeping as heavily as they normally do at home. The power of their brain will help them stay dry during the night during sleepovers.

Disposable Diapers

Just to make sure that your child will not be able to wet his or her friend’s bed during their sleepover, you can let your child wear a disposable diaper as he or she sleeps. There are certain types of diapers that can be worn without other children noticing it. If your child gets shy and embarrassed in wearing diapers in front of other children, you can ask the host parent if he or she can help your child wear the diaper in the bathroom or some other place that other children can’t see. Letting your child wear a diaper during sleep will surely keep your child dry at night even if he or she actually voided during his or her sleep.