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What Are The Ingredients In Red Wine That Cause Insomnia

Can Wine Cause Sleep Disorders?

When you talk about wine you are mostly familiar with the most common idea that it provides many health benefits and also helps body to relax and aids in sleeping problems and sleep disorders. This may be true according some researches but only to some extent because alcohol and its correlation with health benefits is always a topic of debate. Wine has always been thought of as a good remedy because of the presence of many antioxidants in it. However, various studies have shown that wine consumption can also lead to many diseases like cancer, depression, mood disorders and insomnia. There are mixed opinions on the use and abuse of red wine for a good health.

Red Wine Causes Insomnia

Red Wine Ingredients May Result In Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders

Red wine is good as long as it is taken on small amounts, an excess of red wine is dangerous and may result in sleep disorders especially insomnia. Red wine contains ingredients such as Resveratrol which is a good antioxidant but researches shows that if it is consumed in larger quantity, it can result in many side effects such as headache, joint pain, diarrhea and insomnia. Alcohol consumption makes the body to heat and inflame which causes an allergic reaction that may hamper the brain and other body organs and cause insomnia.

How Red Wine Consumption Can Cause Insomnia?

Red wine contains melatonin which is present in the grapes skin. Melatonin is the chemical released in our brain to give us sleep. Most of the people think that consumption of red wine just before bed time helps them to sleep better. But, it is not true. The antioxidants present in red wine helps you get a good sleep for a short period of time. Usually, the sleep lasts for 3 to 4 hours and after this period of time alcohol starts converting into glucose which gives you extra level of energy at the time when it is least needed. Red wine contains pyruvate, which is a compound that helps in the production of energy. This condition often provokes a person to get sleep again and creates restlessness, sleeplessness and causes insomnia and may also cause other type of sleep disorders.

Red Wine And Its Harmful Effects On Your Body

Red wine also causes many other health problems such as migraine. The chemical substance thyramine present in red wine causes migraine. So if you suffer from headache or migraine problem, do not consume red wine. The harmful effects of red wine can be many. It also depends on the quantity of alcohol you take but I would suggest that it is good to take natural supplements to help the body to relax than taking alcohol. Alcohol also causes dehydration, depression and sleep disorders, so why take it?

Stop The Consumption Of Red Wine To Help Overcome Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders

If you are suffering with insomnia and you are still consuming red wine, it’s better to stop its consumption. Researches have shown that excessive usage of red wine can hamper your body and make you prone to many diseases. Sleep disorders are also a common occurrence with people who consume alcohol, so avoid it and slowly put an end to its use and stay healthy.


  1. I drink and like red wine and normally sleep well after having a few glasses with an evening meal, but after drinking a Cabernet Sauvignon which on the label states it contains Sulphites/Contient sulphites/bevat sulfieten I have not been able to get to sleep. This has never happened before.

    • All wine contains sulphites.