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Can Lack Of Sleep Cause Seizures And Lethargic Symptoms

Proper Sleep Ensure Proper Metabolism Of Your Body

Lack of sleep or sleep disorders is commonplace occurrence in modern culture.  While expert say that every adult should take minimum eight to nine hours of sleep; how many of us are really fortunate of getting such recommended hours of sleep every night? Lack of sleep is often main symptom of various sleep disorders however it affects your metabolism and thus affects your skin, look, memory and overall health. Research after research have been disclosing importance of sleep in regards to overall good health still people aren’t showing adequate concern towards it.

Sings Of Lack Of Sleep Or Sleep Disorders

There are signs that our body show time after time which can be linked to lack of sleep.

  • Various patterns of insomnia
  • Feeling sleepy in the office or school
  • Getting up un-refreshed
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning
  • Taking a nap daily of feeling a need for napping
  • Feeling the need of an energy drink after working an hour or two
  • Just not feeling your best

If the symptoms are not treated on time, lack of sleep may gradually turn into sleep disorders. The longer it is ignored, the worst its effects become.

Seizure And Sleep Disorders

Lack Of Sleep May Cause You Seizure

The researchers until now could not establish any clear relationship between sleep and epilepsy but physicians have various evidences that show lack of sleep has increased the frequency in seizure activity. There is a vicious cycle between both. Lack of sleep increases the frequency of seizure activities and increased seizure attacks causes patient to become sleep deprived. National sleep foundation has tried to figure out the relationship between sleep disorders and seizure attacks. Let’s see what they have to say on this.

Seizure’s Correlation With Sleep Disorders

Seizure happens when there is abnormal electric activity in the brain. Sleep activates the electronic charge in the brain and some abnormality is more likely to happen during the sleep phase. Seizures follow the sleep wake cycle.  Seizures occur in some people exclusively during the sleep. When seizure occur during the sleep; which particularly happen with focal epilepsy of childhood, confuses with sleep disorders like insomnia. Sleep disorders and insomnia patients are often unaware of their seizures attacks. They usually develop a state of dilemma and keeps on fighting with daytime fatigue without knowing the actually underlying condition.

Sleep Disorders Can Be Associated With Lethargy And Seizures

Sleep disorders are closely related with different abnormalities that can occur in your body. The sleep mechanism in our body can be said to be very sensitive. Any changes in our body temperature, travelling to different time zones, seizure and other disease can have a deep impact on our circadian rhythm. Epilepsy and grand mal seizure patients usually undergo sleeping difficulty. They may have abnormal sleeping time, difficulty in sleeping and insomnia. Lethargic and restlessness are also seen as a major contributor to various sleeping issues. This is because of the fact that lethargy mainly contributes to a lot of inflexibility in our body and develops chronic fatigue. So it’s advised to take proper treatment at the right time for sleep disorders so that you do not face the complexities of sleeping problems.