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Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel | Review

Curtain That Can Overcome Shift Work Sleep Disorders

Review article of the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel for shift work sleep disorders and getting a better sleep especially for the night shift employees and employer. I will be highlighting on all the positive and negative aspects of the blackout panel and its effectiveness to overcome sleep disorders. I will also provide a final verdict based on different customer feedback at Amazon.

What Is Shift Work Sleep Disorders?

Shift work sleep disorders are the one that affects people who frequently work on rotational shifts.  The schedule of the employees working at night go against their body’s biological clock and faces difficulty to get along with the normal sleep and wake schedule. Shift work sleep disorders cause frequent changes of sleep timing and that result in fatigue, excessive sleeplessness or excessive sleepiness. This is most common with people working on the graveyard shift from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. If you suffer from this, you will notice symptoms such as:-

  • Lower energy level
  • Daytime activity concentration very low
  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent naps

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Image 1

How Does The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Help In Shift Work Sleep Disorders?

Often for shift workers, night becomes day and vice versa. When they go to bed its probably the sunshine hours. Everywhere they see is light and have difficulty to cope up sleeping hours in the morning. The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel works perfectly well to withdraw day light from entering the room. They are ultra-fashionable blackout panel and have been tested for quality and assurance by experts. Light and sound is almost reduced by 99% and you can have a good night sleep irrespective of the bright sunlight of the day.

They form the best source to give you a comfortable sleep at the daytime. With reduced noise and dark room, circadian clock gets puzzled and secretes melatonin which ignites sleep and fight against the sleep disorders. This way you can complete your substantial amount of sleep and work well with full efficiency and effectiveness in the night shift.  These curtains are also energy efficient and do not let the cold air overcome the warm temperature of the room. So a perfect sleep is a guarantee

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Image 2

Highlights Of  The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel, as I mentioned above has been tested to screen out light and noise, and have these amazing features.

  • One can experience perfect calmness, darkness and classic beauty with the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel.
  • As proven experimentally it effectively keeps away approximately 99% of external lights, and 40% of sound that can hinder your sound sleep( which considerably results in Sleep Disorders)
  • They not only keep away the light but they have an innovative design that is energy efficient and can behold the temperature of the room.
  • They come in versatile colors and sizes, hence would not affect your perfect interiors at the cost of your comfort sleep as they can provide a rich look to the surroundings.
  • It is washable and can be maintained in the best condition for a long time.
  • For those who work in offices and are distracted from the external factors, the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel is a perfect answer.
  • Preserve your privacy while you dream well in your sleeping hours as the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel offers you with ample of it.
  • The fabric used for Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel is 100% polyester, hence is comfortably machine washable.
  • For those who are prone to sleep disorders because they work late nights, Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel gives you the darkness of night right away in the mid-day for a healthy sleep.

Amazon Customer Feedback For The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel

Users have lot to say, positive and negative about the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel. Let us see what the verdict comes out.

Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel Buyer Feedback Chart

Extract Of The Positive Comments:

In the words of an admirer, “Surprise surprise, they are AMAZING. They are heavy, look designer, and the suede feels surprisingly luxurious for the cost. Overall I highly recommend these curtains. I’m happy.”

Also, “I got her the black ones because in her case she needs to have as much darkness as possible. It was amazing the moment I was replacing them how they IMMEDIATELY changed the room. She’s been falling asleep much quicker and easier ever since I purchased these curtains”

Extract From The Negative comments:

A few disappointed users quote, “the material is very stiff, I guess cos of the backing so they don’t open and close easily. They really are exactly as advertized, I guess I just thought they would be more like a microsuede feel than they are.”

Final Verdict On The Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel

Well I guess the extracts have cleared the airs pretty much. Those who thrive for dark calm nights are contended with what the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel is offering in the cost which by the way is quite reasonable. But those who breathe style, the Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel might not be a perfect decor for their place.  Else it is good at what it is meant to do.

Product Details

Dimension:  comes in variable sizes (42X63, 42X84, 42X95)

Weight: differs according to size (1.4 pounds of size 42X63)

Fabric: Polyester

Blackout Panel Will Put An End To Your Shift Work Sleep Disorders

With Eclipse Suede Thermaback Blackout Panel you would see drastic changes in your sleep quality at daytime and you would be filled with more energy at work at night. (See also articles on the circadian rhythm disorders). So get one today and say good bye to fatigue, sleeplessness and shift work sleep disorders.