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Lack of Sleep and Death of Brain Cells

Prolonged lack of sleep may actually cause death of brain cells. This is first time when researchers have found a link between lower gray matter density in the important part of the brain that regulates decision making and rest to chronic insomnia. However, the researchers have not gain any success to pin down whether gray matters loss precedes sleeplessness or the other way round. However they are confident that they will find a drug to protect the brain cells.

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Is This Really the Path We Are Going down Now?

Insomnia and prolonged lack of sleep can cause brain shrinkage and death of brain cells…but noticeable good news here is that scientists are working in the field and they can probably develop a drug to help protect brain cells. Although it’s good news but wouldn’t it be better if they had helped people to sleep better in the first place…

Lack of Sleep

Is this really the way we should address the issue? Rather than finding a way to resolve sleep problems that is the root cause of death of brain cells or brain shrinkage and various other health issues, we are working towards resolving the outcomes of lack of sleep.

We Are Keen To Find A Quick Fix

This could be a useful invention for shift workers to protect their brains against cell damages and shrinkage caused by that sort of pattern, but for rest of us who have free eight hours of time at night, why don’t we all just work towards getting better sleep instead? Our society in general seems to be heading in a troublesome direction whereby we will gladly pop a pill to solve a problem, instead of doing something constructive to avoid the possible occurrence in the first place. We need a quick fix to solve the problem, without bothering much about if it will help solve the problem at the root or not.

Do Not Confuse Your Circadian Clock!

It is not something discovered recently; we’ve known it for quite long that working in odd hours is bad for health. The sun rises and sets for a reason; we only need to follow the nature’s clock (circadian clock) of day and night to set off everything right in our lives. People who work in the night shifts or otherwise disrupt their daily routine and unknowingly confuse their circadian clock and create room for digestive problems, heart diseases, sleep disorders and obesity.

Avoid Watching Late-Night TV

Certain Lifestyle Alterations Can Do the Wonders

You need not depend entirely on drugs; there are natural ways that can help you fight with the sleep issues. If you are a shift worker and you are bound to play with the day and night cycle of your body, still there are lots of things that you can incorporate to restore that balance. Simple things like avoiding caffeinated drinks and sugar before bed, no use of laptop or watching TV few hours before going to bed can assure a restful sleep and make you ready for the next day. Sun solution is also recommended as a natural way to fix many sleep related problems.