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Why Am I Always Tired?

Do you often wonder why are you always tired? Do you face trouble trying to stay awake to watch your favorite sitcoms? Most of us are quite familiar knowing what it feels like to be tired, especially when we are suffering with flu, cold or some other viral disease. But if you feel tired from constant fatigue and lack of energy, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor.

Is It Lack Of Sleep Or Oversleep Causing Everyday Fatigue?

Who doesn’t like to sleep? A true happiness is nothing but a nap on a comfy bed after a long day’s work. It is something that we all enjoy. Every individual needs sufficient sleep. It is healthy for us. This is what we are taught in school and college days by our parents and professors. A lack of sleep can be harmful and can cause number of health problems for an individual. You hear that from almost every individual. That is the reason why there are various medicines, home remedies and treatments available to deal with sleep disorders like insomnia.

But what happens if you sleep too much? Is it a problem on your health? The answer to the questions is affirmative. Yes, sleeping too much can be a problem too. Unfortunately, there is a lot of publicized content on sleep deprivation but very less on oversleeping. Sleeping too much can cause some serious health side effects such as constant fatigue and can be a reason behind various people’s frequently asked question: Why am I always tired?

Fatigue is a constant battle for many people. It is a prolonged tiredness that is relentless and limiting. With chronic fatigue, you have inexplicable, obstinate, and lapsing exhaustion. It’s very alike to how you feel when you missed a lot of sleep or overslept a lot. With chronic fatigue, you may not feel fresh when you wake up in the morning even though you had slept enough. Or you find it difficult to handle the pressure on your work and be less productive at work as well as at home. You may feel completely exhausted even to perform your daily chores.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

According to National Sleep Foundation, person suffering with obstructive sleep apnea suffers with chronic sleep apnea and fatigue. OSA results in low supply of oxygen in the blood. The low levels of the oxygen affect your brain and heart function. Due to this, a person may have excessive fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

Sleep Debt

Sleep debt (side effects of lack of sleep) or oversleeping increases your sleep requirement. As your sleep debt continues, you need to sleep for more hours and it continues like epidemic diseases, further adding to the load of health issues, and degrading your performance, throughout the day.

Obesity – Side Effects of Oversleeping

By sleeping for more hours, you are being less energetic and active. This affects your body as it has less time to burn off the extra calories or energy which otherwise gets stored as fat. Ultimately this will lead to chronic health issues such as obesity, which by itself is a harmful health condition giving rise to various types of sleep disorders.