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Irregular Sleep Wake Rhythm And Actigraphy

Time To Know About Irregular Sleep Wake Rhythm

The sleep disorder irregular sleep wake rhythm is a kind of circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Generally, it causes unaligned sleeping times to a patient with this disorder. The sleeping habit does not follow a healthy or normal sleep time at night. Or we can say that sleep of such people is quite disorganized because there is uncertain wake and sleep pattern. Such people can sleep off / on in short naps’ series for a time of 24 hours. This way, sleep pattern gets broken up in different pieces. The condition is alike we experience in infants who generally sleep for some hours and wake up for hours after wards.

How A Patient Feels In Day Time

It is often seen with several irregular sleep wake rhythm patient’s cases that in day time, they look as they are sleepy because of excessive napping. In contrary, in night time, it seems as they suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia because of waking up for longer period at night time. Thus, they experience such situation because their sleep gets broken in several pieces in night as well as day. Moreover, there is no particular time for sleep that is certain throughout a day. To evaluate this disorder, actigraphy is considered as the most appropriate treatment option so far. Check out following information to learn what actigraphy is?

What Actigraphy Is, Let’s Find Out

Actigraphy is a certain device that is used to measure irregular sleep wake rhythm in a person. Basically, this device is used as continuous measurement of movement and activity. This measurement is done with the help of a tool named Actigraph. So, entire process is considered as actigraphy. Just by pushing a button, you will be able to mark bedtimes and wake times of a person through this instrument. Actigraphy typically is placed on various body parts like ankle, wrist etc. By interpreting with computer algorithms, it becomes able to tell exact sleep and wake period of a person.

Actigraphy Will Benefit In Different Sleep Disorders

By providing accurate sleep and wake measurements, actigraphy can help doctors to find out better treatment options for curing their patients. Altering sleep and wake rhythm, actigraphy helps patients to get rid of sleep disorders like circadian rhythm sleep disorders, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, breathing issues related to sleep, periodic limb movement and irregular sleep wake rhythm disorders. Along with these sleep

Irregular Sleep Wake Rhythm And Actigraphy

Structure & Functioning Of Actigraphy Device

The main device of actigraphy which is named as actigraph is a wristwatch sized and a small device. It is main worn on ankle, wrist etc and it is very lightweight. To assess circadian rhythms, it uses an accelerometer that records motion. By this information, actigraph creates graph in which active time shows in peak bar and quiet time like sleeping hours is shown by flat line. This device can be worn for many days. Though, it records data per day basis for two weeks. Actigraphy works brilliantly to measure irregular sleep wake rhythm disruptions.