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Pineal Gland Disorders

Learning Various Pineal Gland Disorders

Pineal gland plays an essential role in body functioning. Problem in pineal gland can cause severe health disorders in which sleep disorders are quite common. The pineal gland is endocrine gland which sizes very small and resides in vertebrate brain. Its shape is like pine cone and due to such shape, this gland is called pineal gland. Specifically, it contains full eyes’ map for visual region and many vital body functions are performed by it. Melatonin that enables a person to get sleep and wake up as per external light is produced by pineal gland and thus, to get proper supply of melatonin, one should have healthy pineal gland.

Wondering Facts About Sleeping Cycle

Just invest some of your time thinking about your sleeping and waking up daily routine. Think why every night we feel the desire to sleep and how in the morning we get up and get busy with routine work. If you go into the scientific side of this fact, only then you will realize how interesting this cycle is. We all are bound to a natural sleeping and waking up cycle. This cycle works on the command of pineal gland. The pineal gland in our body indicates us to sleep when it gets to dark atmosphere and in same way, when it get into bright lights, it prepares one to wake up.

How To Get Symptoms To Find Pineal Gland Disorders

Insomnia – A Critical Pineal Gland Disorder

The common symptom for pineal gland disorders is problem in melatonin production. This issue can be cleared if one gets least exposure to day light or heavy exposure in night time. Such conditions occur when there is some issues with pineal gland. Usually, traveling in shorter duration from one place to another causes jet lag and gradually, it leads to pineal gland disorders. Apart from it, poor vision and shift job routine also cause melatonin cycle disruption. As the result for melatonin cycle disruption, one bears issues like overproduction or melatonin deficiency.

Insomnia – A Critical Pineal Gland Disorder

When a person bears deficiency of melatonin, then usually, the condition causes insomnia. Insomnia is such a critical sleep disorder that does not end up easily. One has to suffer from sleepless nights for many days. An insomnia patient has to undergo disastrous consequences. It may invite several other mental disorders like anxiety, low blood pressure issue, fatigue, stress and depression. In all these health issues, pineal gland plays a vital role and one can only manage them after treating up pineal gland disorder.

Overproduction Of Melatonin Can Cause Hypertension

Sleep disorders are not only problems that a person with pineal gland disorder has to bear, but in patients who suffer from overproduction of melatonin also face several health issues. Hypertension is another pineal gland disorder. This is such a life threatening disorder. Apart from hypertension, it causes improper adrenal function and low progesterone ratio. Seasonal affective disorder also one of pineal gland disorders.


  1. I had 2 different car accidents when I was 19 yrs. old. Both accidents caused severe head trauma with some brain damage. I’m now 57 yrs. old. I have had insomnia ever since my accidents, which is a lot of years without a good nights sleep. Melatonin does not help me. I’ve tried it for years. Over the counter sleep aid makes me very drowsy, but I’m still unable to sleep. Is there any help for me? Please help!

    • I have had similar problems and have found that medical cannabis helps me to sleep. Dispensaries can help you find a strain specific to insomnia. I hope this can help you.