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Pineal Gland Structure And Function

Understanding Complete Structure Of Pineal Gland

Sleep disorders have strong relation with pineal gland. So, to treat up sleep disorders, one should get thorough understanding of pineal gland. It is a gland shaping like pine cone. This gland is related to endocrine system. In Human brain, pineal gland performs brilliant job. It helps producing important hormones like melatonin. Melatonin which is a hormone exists in human brain and encourages healthy sleeping habits as per external environment. Apart from influencing sleeping cycle, pineal gland function includes sexual development. It is also a perfect composition of cells which are named as pinealocytes. These cells are also referred as Glial Cells and have strong relation with human nervous system.

Various Functions Of Pineal Gland

It has relations not only with endocrine system but also with human nervous system. The gland plays significant role in nerve signal conversion into signals. The functions of pineal gland involve melatonin hormone secretion, proper regulation for the endocrine functions, enhancement of urge to sleep, sexual development and so on. A healthy pineal gland is required to perform all these functions in proper way and in cases, when pineal gland gets disrupted, it results into various health disorders in which sleep disorders are one of them.

Scientific Factors Of Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland

The location of pineal gland is quite clear as it resides in human brain, but this is not sufficient because the structure of human brain may confuse you to find out exact location of pineal gland. It mainly locates behind cerebral ventricle and exactly in brain midline. The name of pineal gland has taken from its structure as it is similar to pine cone. The healthy length of pineal gland in adults is around 0.8 cm with approximately weight of 0.1gram. In children, the pineal gland size is larger than adults because with age, the gland gets to shrink.

Pineal Gland Functions Get Influenced By Adrenergic Nerves

There in pineal gland is sufficient amount of adrenergic nerves supply and this supply puts a great influence on gland functions. Testing through microscope, it has found that pineal gland is emerged from pinealocyter. The pinealocyter provides full support to various cells in brain which are alike astrocytes. Constant consumption of required calcium in children can help making pineal gland visible in body through X-rays. Whether, it is adults, seniors or children, pineal gland should be in appropriate amount for a healthy life.

Endocrine Function & Pineal Gland

Endocrine functions are mainly functioned by pineal gland. The presence of pineal gland is essential for healthy functioning of various body functions. The endocrine functions include seasonal breeding, sexual development and hibernation. The gland contains neurotransmitters and neuropeptides like serotonin, norepinephrine and somatostatin. The melatonin hormone is taken from amino acid which helps brightening skin. Apart from it, the melatonin is quite useful for perfect stimulation of nervous system.