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The Effects Of Fluoride On The Pineal Gland

Understanding Pineal Gland & Fluoride

Pineal gland exists in the brain. It produces hormones in the brain that accommodate sleep – wake cycle which is named as Melatonin. In sleep studies, melatonin is a significant factor. Entire sleep cycle of human being functions properly with the help of melatonin. There are several things that put effect on pineal gland and for which, pineal gland gets disrupted. As its result, sometimes, one suffers from overproduction of melatonin and sometimes from low production of melatonin. In influential factors, Fluoride has found one of critical factors. Read on information about Fluoride and how it affects pineal gland.

Fluoride Can Decrease The Level Of Melatonin Hormone

It is not certain the accumulation of fluoride can influence the functions of pineal gland or not. The animal experiments showed that fluoride can definitely decrease the levels of melatonin and thus, reduce the puberty time. So, this study indicates that most likely, fluoride reduces melatonin production that means, one can have problems like sleep disorders due to this issue however, it is also seen that the amount of fluoride in pineal gland is higher than other parts of the body.

Fluoride Causes Acceleration Of Sexual Maturation In Girls

Pineal Gland – Major Target For The Accumulation Of Fluoride

Being calcifying tissue, pineal gland has found the biggest target for the accumulation of fluoride in human being. Moreover, in pineal gland, some calcified parts contain the greatest concentration for fluoride which is higher than even the teeth and bone in human. This highest amount of accumulation is only found in some areas, but the soft pineal gland tissues do not accumulate that much amount of fluoride like calcified areas. Still, it does not mean those soft tissues in pineal gland do not contain fluoride, but the accumulation of fluoride even in those areas is more than other body soft tissues.

Fluoride Impact On Puberty Period

Medical researchers have found that fluoride can put a great impact on earlier period of puberty. The impact has mainly seen on girls. It is discovered that due to fluoride the risk of breast cancer has increased. As per animal studies, the exposure to fluoride can cause decrease for circulation of melatonin and this condition leads to the acceleration of sexual maturation in girls. The experiment showed that those girls who live in fluoridated areas reach 5 months earlier to puberty than other girls. Therefore, this study clearly shows the relationship between fluoride with puberty period in girls.

Fluoride Effects On Pineal Gland

All the effects of fluoride accumulation in pineal gland are not yet understood, but still, it is certain factor that it can affect circadian rhythm of human being for sure. The fluoride can reduce several pinealocytes’ functions by which melatonin production gets reduced. The reduced melatonin disrupts the sleeping and waking cycle. As its result, one finds difficulty to get to sleep on right time and also find problems when waking up. So, entire schedule can get disturb because of fluoride effects on pineal gland.