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How to Overcome Poor Daytime Habits to Improve Your Sleep

With aging, it is normal to experience changes in the sleeping pattern. You may feel sleepy in the noon time, have little trouble sleeping at night, or enjoy less deep sleep. These are normal sleep symptoms that most people experiences when they reach their 60s. However, insomnia symptom such as: distressed sleep, waking up exhausted, poor concentration, constant fatigue is not a typical part of aging. Sleep is just as crucial to our emotional and physical well-being over the age of 55 as it was when you were younger.

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Is It Just Normal Sleeping Issues or Sleep Disorders Causing Difficulty in Sleeping?

Before we dig deeper on how you can overcome sleep issues, let’s first analyze whether you are just having normal sleeping issues that are associated with aging or dealing with a sleep disorder. If you experience following symptoms on regular basis, then chances are that you may be a victim of sleep disorder.

  • Do you find it difficult to sleep even when you feel tired
  • If suddenly you wake up in the middle of the night, do you find it difficult to go back to sleep
  • Even after 10 hours of sleep, you don’t feel refreshed
  • Feel cantankerous or take frequent long naps in the afternoon
  • When watching television or driving, do you lose concentration and tend to fall asleep
  • Find it difficult to concentrate during the day
  • Drink alcohol or take sleeping pills in the night to fall asleep
  • Find it difficult to have a control over your emotions

A lot of factors contribute to poor sleep habits, including poor daytime habits and a poor sleep environment can be the underlying cause of sleep disorders like insomnia. In many cases, elderly develop these poor habits of sleep over a lifetime and it creates more problems as they age. However, it’s not that difficult to overcome these habits. Consider following tips to help you overcome poor sleeping habits over a short span of time.

How to Eliminate Poor Daytime Habits for Better Sleep?

  • Be active – Engage yourself in social activities, work and family to keep your activity level energized to prepare your body for a sound rest at night. If you’re retired, join a senior’s group or engage in activities for seniors program with your friends on regular basis.
  • Don’t be aloof – Having a positive attitude and mood towards life can reduce sleep issues to a great extent. Find someone you can comfortably talk to and share your problems.
  • Exercise – When you exercise your body release endorphins that helps to reduce your stress level, anxiety or depression.
  • Go out & enjoy sunlight – Bright sunlight aids to regulate melatonin levels and improve your sleep-wake cycles. Try to go out and enjoy the morning sunlight or just open your curtains in the daytime and let sunlight come in and move your chair to a sunny spot.
  • Avoid bad eating & drinking habits – Limit your caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption. All these are stimulants and they depreciate the quality of sleep.

Following these habits, you will see positive results in your good night’s sleep within a period of four short weeks. Be consistent and never give up on these habits to be free from the vicious circle of sleeping pills & enjoy the glorious years of life after retirement.

Tell Us How You Are Progressing!

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