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Schizandra Berries To Effectively Treat Insomnia

Insomnia is basically a sleep disorder that brings about a significant deterioration in the quality of sleep.  A person with the problem is deprived of normal life that causes depression and dejection in him or her. The disturbed circadian clock of an insomniac person adversely affects the metabolic rate that leads to the fragile physical and mental health of that person. That degenerated body also becomes prone to mood disorders. This sleep disorder has two distinctive types temporary and chronic which may be a result of a single large issue or combined effect of a number of problems.

What Is Causing You Insomnia?

Schizandra Berries

Various factors affect the severity of the disease such as psychological condition, environment and so on. Insomniacs usually fail to asleep all the night or wake up after short while of falling asleep. There are so many things like bad quality sleep, dropping off and other that qualify as insomnia. You may have sleep disorder for varied reason such as specific behavior or excessive consumption of certain substance or may be because of some serious medical condition, to determine the underlying cause you should always consult the physician. Your behavioral patterns often yield good insight on what may be causing you such sleep issues.

Alternative Medicine For Insomnia

Herbal remedies are best to combat various sleep disorders as they are great help on treating the deep rooted psychological issues that causes the disease.  Studies show that only in America, 10 to 20 percent of adults has sleep problems of some or other kind. What is the percentage on the population in the world is yet to be studied. A few behavioral or psychological techniques are good enough to cure insomnia as prolonged use of sleeping pills will risk dependency on them. Herbal remedies are best alternative to the sleeping pills for such sleep issues.

Schizandra – A Chinese Herb

Schizandra is a genus herb belongs to East Asia. The herb is a deciduous climber that grows in virtually any soil. Its fruits (Schizandra berries) are used medicinally. The fruit has all five basic flavors of a Chinese medicine: sour, salty, sweet, pungent and bitter.  The medicinal properties of the fruit make it useful for the ailment of many diseases and to improve skin health.  Schizandra is also recommended to the patient with assorted stage of insomnia.

Schizandra – How It Helps Treating Insomnia

The Schizandra berry contains the substance adaptogens. The substance works as an anti-virus in human body. It indentifies the cause behind the illness in the body and fixes that up. It works upon the human body metabolism and thorough that it controls the diseases existing in the body. The mechanism is that when body’s metabolism is prefect the hormones required for physical, emotional and psychological well-being are automatically released form the body, the body clock is also re-established to its normal working.  Thus, it cures the insomnia by treating it in the root and provides a durable relief to the person having insomnia. It is herbal remedy so in very rare cases it causes any serous side effects or allergic reactions; still a consultation with the physician is must before applying its use.


  1. when is the best time to take schisandra for sleep

    • I took it and could not fall asleep. The better thing for sleep would be passion flower or ashwagandha.

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