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Detoxification While Sleeping

Detoxification is a term given to the process of getting rid of toxins and wastes in the body through flushing it out from the system. Toxins and wastes are harmful to the body and it can be acquired through the food we eat, beverages we drink, and even from the air we breathe. There are even times that toxins and wastes can come from the digesting stage of the food we eat. The body is made to naturally get rid of toxins and wastes but most of the time, the natural detoxification of the body is not as fast as we can acquire and cause build up of toxins and wastes in the body.

Detox During Sleep

Detoxification While Sleeping

There are several ways on how to support or help the body’s natural detoxification process and some of which can be done during sleep. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone since you will be getting energy through sleeping and getting rid of toxins and wastes through detox during sleep.

  • Patches – there are detox patches that can be worn on the soles of the feet during sleep. It has been proven that sole detox patches can help in removing dangerous toxins and wastes that have built up in the body. Sole detox patches is very simple to use. You will just have to clean the soles of your feet, stick two (2) sole detox patches on each foot every single night. In the morning, there will be very visible darkening of the sole detox patch. The darker the color, the more toxins and wastes removed. You will have to use the sole detox patch every single night until there will be a very slight change or no color change at all in the morning.
  • Detox Diet – there are numerous different diets available that can help in detoxifying the body. Usually, all detox diets start off with fasting for a short given period of time. After the fasting stage, it will most likely be needed for you to eat nothing but raw vegetables and fruits for a period of time. Most of these detox diets will only last for 3 days to 10 days. However, not all people can take detox diets, especially the fasting part. If you are planning on helping your body’s natural process of detoxification and do not want to go fasting or eating nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, the safest option in simply watching the food you eat. Avoid eating processed, preserved, and junk foods and opt for eating healthier options.