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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome in Teenagers

Help Your Teenager To Get Proper Sleeping Habits

An irregular sleeping schedule is the big reason of sleeping issues like delayed sleep phase syndrome or circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Generally, teenagers become target of such disorders because they mostly are used to bad sleeping schedule. Somehow, they do not understand the severe consequences of sleep disorders like delayed sleep phase syndrome. So, it is parents’ duty to aware their children/teenagers to adopt a right sleeping schedule for developing good sleeping habits. When teenagers sleep on irregular time, they feel it very hard while waking up. Such issues ultimately cause delayed sleep phase syndrome afterwards.

A Bad Scheduling Can Affect Schooling Of Teenagers

The age of adolescence is very sensitive and it has to be handled very carefully. A teenager, who used to unhealthy habits or schedules, generally suffers throughout his or her life. So, try to help your child with tender care and love, so that he or she can understand the value of correct scheduling. You should tell your child the drawbacks of sleeping late and also waking on wrong time. In such way, you will be succeeded to make your child aware about bad consequences of wrong scheduling.

Delayed Sleeping Time Damages Circadian Rhythm

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome In Teenagers

It is a fact that Circadian rhythm, which exist in the brain of every individual and indicates body when to sleep and when to wake on the basis of external environment can get damaged if one used to improper sleeping time. Once a person gets caught in delayed sleeping, it becomes almost impossible to correct sleeping time. Ultimately, such condition encourages several other health issues wherein circadian rhythm sleep disorder is major one. In teenager, the chances of delayed sleeping time are greater than others. So, try to encourage your child to get to bed on right time.

Sleeping Desires Often Change In Teenagers

It is a noted factor that when a child gets older and comes to the age of adolescence, his or her sleeping desires gets changed. It is because of their new interests and curiosities. Those who firmly handle these changing desires manage their correct sleeping habit, but those who gets failed to do so, suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome. Waking up till 11 PM at night in teenagers is a common thing and they often desire to sleep for around 9 AM in the morning. This changed sleeping shift is a direct result of circadian rhythm.

Get The Reasons Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome To Eradicate This Issue From Teens

In teenagers, mostly this issue occurs at the time of puberty and therefore, it is assumed that it has a great relation with puberty. In addition to it, some genetic facts also encourage this disorder. The contact with suprachiasmatic nucleus of genetics may also cause DSPS. As per estimations, DSPS is a common sleep problems in teens, around 10 percent modern teenagers are suffering from Circadian rhythm sleep disorder as of now.