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Sleep Phase Chronotherapy For Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Chronotherapy – A Rescheduling Treatment Free Of Drugs

Chronotherapy is an influential drug free treatment that ends up the dependency on the use of drugs to cure several sleep disorders including delayed sleep phase syndrome. DSPS is featured by onset sleep deprivation and problem in waking up in morning. Generally, DSPS sufferers face improper capacity of achieving advance phase shifts of circadian pacemaker that times sleep and wake cycle. Therefore, chronotherapy is developed to reset biological clocks in DSPS patients through the route of phase delay. This article will help you understand chronotherapy and how it works with delayed sleep phase syndrome patients.

Clear View About Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

It is a particular type of sleep disorder that occurs when circadian rhythms of body gets disrupted. The main issue with DSPS is certainly not to alter quality sleep of a person, but issue is about sleep onset that a person gets. In this disorder, sleep onset occurs very late in the night if comparing with normal sleeping time in current time zone which is the prime symptom of DSPS. In simple words, we can say that a person with this disorder falls asleep after midnight usually instead of time between 8-10 PM.

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome & Its Associated Troublesome Issues

Generally, sleep disorders causes poor sleep to a person, but the problem in delayed sleep phase syndrome is quite different because in this disorder, one does not complaint for poor sleep, but he or she finds problem in the morning when they should wake up. It happens because of sleeping too late in the night. This can be problematic for a person if one starts following same sleeping routine because it can affect proper daytime functioning. Though, people who are not required to wake up in the early morning will certainly not face any major problems if suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Chronotherapy Can Help You Correcting Your Delayed Sleep Phase

Several people who have been suffering from mild effects of delayed sleep phase syndrome have got amazing results with chronotherapy. This solution first was introduced in 1981 as DSPS treatment. It is a therapy treatment aiming to manipulate or adjust normal wake and sleep cycle of a patient. It is also beneficial for changing usual cycle of circadian rhythm of a patient. This therapy can interfere with current ongoing treatments of any other health disorders. Consult a knowledgeable physician before using chronotherapy especially if you are on other treatments.

How Chronotherapy Works, Lets Understand

A patient who undergoes this treatment is advised to follow a particular sleep schedule. According to this schedule, one should go to bed and wake up 3 hours late in comparison to normal sleep and wake schedule. This 3 hours sleep and wake up time schedule will keep on progressing to advancement until a person moves clock for 24 hours and constantly get to falling early asleep. This is how chronotherapy works and ultimately, a person with delayed sleep phase syndrome get out of this condition.