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Chronotherapy For Depression

Depression & Its Relation With Sleep Cycle

Recent studies about sleep disorders brought up astonishing factors about sleep pattern and its different consequences on individual health. As per these studies, depression has found one of the most severe health disorder caused by sleep deprivation. Along with this fact, it has also brought up unusual approach of the treatment of depression via sleep deprivation. It is such a difficult method, but effective for sure. Though, the research is still on, yet the links between depression and sleep are certain and this idea has great capability to treat up depression patients. The method behind this idea is called chronotherapy and here you will read about the use of chronotherapy as depression treatment.

Time To Know Chronotherapy

It is a new therapy idea based on researched knowledge about the relation depression treatment and natural biorhythms. The research centers around circadian rhythms and its functions on human being. Circadian rhythms that are alerting interventions can now help curing severe disorders like depression. It works by adjusting daytime light exposure and sleeping and waking cycle. In simple language, we can say that chronotherapy is a mixed study of light therapy and sleep regulation in depression treatment.

Chronotherapy & Its Different Indications

Chronotherapy is beneficial for different types of depression. Many medical experts have given their acceptance of the efficaciousness of chronotherapy as depression treatment. Following are different types of depressions that are treatable with this therapy.

  • Melancholic Depression
  • Unipolar Depression
  • Bipolar Depression
  • Seasonal Affective Depression

Not only these depression indications, but it is useful for several other circumstances which are given below:

1)  At times, when depression patient feels the need of fast and quick antidepressant response or for immediate medication.

2) When one feels inability to bear to skip medication.

Most of the times, chronotherapy is taken with medications for mood stabilizing or antidepressants. However, one can use it without these medicines too but it should be done only if different indications occur in combination.

Types Of Chronotherapy

The treatment of chronotherapy particularly manipulates light, wake and sleep of a patient. This therapy is categorized into several types and you can see information given below to learn chronotherapy types.

  • Light Chronotherapy: – This treatment should be given at accurate times because it is quite precise therapy. To treat up SAD disease, this is the best treatment.
  • Wake Chronotherapy: – This is useful for prolonged wakefulness.
  • Triple Chronotherapy: – It is a combination of Light, Wake and Sleep phase therapy
  • Sleep Phase Advancement Chronotherapy: – It helps moving sleep forward and enhances the action of antidepressant.
  • Chronobiotics Therapy: – It modifies circadian rhythm compound named melatonin.
  • Dawn Stimulation Chronotherapy: – It consists to constant wake up light.
  • Social Rhythm Chronotherapy: – It helps scheduling regular activities of a person.

This is very sensitive treatment and works brilliantly to cure depression or other circadian rhythm disorders.