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Best Medication for Narcolepsy

There is no specific cure for narcolepsy. However, there are some medications that can manage its symptoms. Searching for the best medication for narcolepsy can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. This is because the best medication for you will depend on the specific symptoms that you have. But nevertheless, once you consult with your health care provider, s/he will be able to give you a combination of medications, lifestyle modification and therapies that will work best with your condition.

Searching for the Best Medication for Narcolepsy

Since the best medication for narcolepsywill depend on the symptoms that you will manifest, you ought to know what possible medications your health care provider will prescribe.

The best medication for narcolepsy depends on the symptoms manifested by a person


This type of drug is the drug of choice for narcolepsy. This promotes wakefulness and alertness. The drug should be avoided if the person has history of psychosis, depression or mania because of the psychiatric side effects that may happen.

Sodium oxybate

If a patient has severe cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone), this drug is prescribed. This promotes sound sleep, reduce the cataplexy incidences and lessen the daytime sleepiness.


SSRIs or selective serotonoin reuptake inhibitors that are used in treating depression can also help in suppressing REM sleep and reducing the symptoms of cataplexy.

Counseling and Support Groups for Narcoleptics

It has been observed that most persons with narcolepsy become depressed. The symptoms of narcolepsy such as the sleep attacks and cataplexy can cause so much embarrassment that the person may find it difficult to live a normal life again. There are psychologists, counselors and narcolepsy support groups that readily accept these people in order to help them cope with the effects of narcolepsy in their lives.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Searching for the best medication for narcolepsy will be pointless if the changes in lifestyle are not followed. The lifestyle changes recommended for narcoleptics are activities that can help in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle. These are usually modification in the diet, exercise and management of stress.

The combined efforts of the drugs, the counseling and the lifestyle modification are indeed the best medication for narcolepsy. If the person religiously follows his prescribed regimen, then he will be able to control his symptoms and live a normal life once more.