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Can Sleep Apnea Cause Palpitations

Palpitation – A Side Effect Accompanying Sleep Apnea

Palpitations is a very serious effect that is accompanied with sleep apnea a critical sleep disorder. Presence of palpitations generally make sleep apnea more complicated than ever and at such condition, it becomes necessary to get immediate treatment to eliminate this sleep disorder. In case, one does not pay much attention to the severity of this condition, then this problem can be hard to manage for anyone. It has seen many times that people who suffer from sleep apnea generally start complaining about quick headaches, sore throat, dry mouth and also palpitations.

Sleep Apnea Patients Have More Risks Of Palpitations Or Other Heart Issues

Sleep Apnea Patients Have More Risks Of Palpitations

It is a definite fact that those who have sleep apnea mostly find at risk of palpitations and several other heart issues that include stroke, heart diseases, heart attack, hypertension etc. Thus, their entire life hangs on a risk often and that is a reason, they meet sudden accidents while doing their work or driving etc. Therefore, it is quite clear that the sleep apnea patients who have palpitations live a risky life and that life needs a certain cure.

Get To Know What Palpitations Are

Palpitations is purely connected to heart performance. It is basically a feel when one experience when he skips his heart beat or heart beat gets faster or harder. This feeling comes in ones’ throat, chest and neck mostly. This can happen while doing any work or even when you don’t involve in any work. To trigger palpitations, there are several things included that are; strong physical activity, powerful emotions, Diet pills, alcohol, illegal drugs, caffeine, decongestants, diseases like anemia or thyroid etc. So, palpitation triggers are many that contribute in this disorder.

Several Symptoms To Recognize Palpitations

If you have sleep apnea which is such a horrible sleep disorder and also you feel certain changes in your heart beat or heart performance, then certainly you are facing palpitations. To be sure about palpitations, there are several symptoms that can help you in this concern that include heartbeat fluttering, skipped beats and unusual speed of heartbeat. The effect of palpitations generally develops in neck or one’s throat or in chest. It can occur anytime whether you are in standing, lying, seated or resting position.

Managing Heart Palpitations To Control Sleep Apnea

After knowing the severity of palpitations with sleep apnea, it becomes a major subject to manage this disorder. For this reason, you should firstly try to reduce caffeine intake that is direct reason of palpitations. Controlling your mind stress and anxiety is also equally necessary to minimizing heart intensity or frequency of palpitations. Various relaxation techniques and breathing work outs can help you to control on this issue. In such relaxation techniques, we suggest you to try yoga or meditation which can effectively perform in correcting palpitations as well as on sleep apnea.