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How To Change the Settings On A CPAP Machine

Learn The Way To Set Your CPAP Machine For Better Performance

CPAP machine is a powerful device to manage sleeping issues like sleep apnea or snoring etc. Many people prefer to buy this machine to get better sleep at night. It is very effective and that is why; several doctors recommend people to buy CPAP Machine for quick relief from sleep disorders. Still, many people do not know a right way to set CPAP machine up. Basically, this device blows air at particular pressure and one should learn the way to change pressure of this machine. It is a vital function that one should be familiar with. Otherwise, CPAP device is nothing but a black colored box.

Easy Procedure & Just A Matter Of Seconds

The procedure of CPAP machine setting is quite simple and fast. It takes around 30 seconds and few pushes on machine buttons. It helps treating up obstructive sleep apnea. In this disorder, airways get collapsed while sleeping and oxygen supply gets cut off on temporary basis. When it occurs, patient wakes up due to the sleep disturbance. When one uses CPAP device, it pumps steady air supply to airways and keep them open. So, if you want to buy it for its benefits, then you should definitely learn how to change the settings on a CPAP machine.

Start With Changing Ramp And Altitude Settings

Mostly, you can make changes in CPAP machine settings in their patient mode. However, some machines allow users to adjust altitude and ramp up pressure rate. These settings can be adjusted just making pressure on right arrow till the adjustment of altitude and ramp menu gets done and also start appearing to user. From this level, one can easily adjust CPAP for normal, high or low altitudes and also can change maximum pump pressure limit.

Entering Setup Mode Of CPAP Machine

The setup mode in CPAP machine is special mode which enables users to make all types of changes in machine settings like maximum pressure provided by machine. To access this mode, you should push a specific hidden button which exists in form of button combination. Though, all CPAP machines are not same and thus, the way of accessing set up mode will be varied in each type of machine. However, this way will work with most of the CPAP machines. This procedure is important to make changes in CPAP machine settings.

Adjust CPAP Settings By Scrolling Through Setup Mode

For meeting your requirements with CPAP machine, users should necessarily consider changes in machine current settings and when doing changes in this machine, setup mode is the safest mode. You can get to this mode by scrolling through this mode. For adjusting pressure, firstly get to clinician mode. Then two times press a button of plus by which you can access setup mode easily. For getting to pressure menu, you should press arrow in the right side. Then, you can adjust maximum pressure of machine just by pressing minus and plus button altogether.