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How to Grow California Poppy

Californian poppy or Eschscholzia californica can be easily located along roadsides in California. California poppy is a type of plant that can easily grow in the wild, without having people take good care of them. It does not mean that if you are not from the State of California, then it is not possible for you to grow and have your own California poppy at home. In fact, plenty of people all over the world now have their own California poppy in their garden. California poppy will not just add vibrance, life, and color into one’s home and garden, it can also bring several health benefits and therapeutic uses that people can use in improving their health.

How Does The California Poppy Looks Life?

How to Grow California Poppy

Having your own California poppy at home can surely make the garden look amazing. The flowers of California poppy come in yellow, gold, scarlet, red, bright orange, white, and cream. During night time, the flowers close, as if they are also sleeping, and during daytime, the flowers open as the sun‘s glow touches them. The petals of the flowers may appear fragile, but they can survive despite during wet and windy weathers. The plant’s stem can grow approximately 5 inches to 20 inches tall, however, California poppy rarely grows above 12 inches in height.

How to Grow California Poppy:

The best time to grow California poppy is during spring. And seeds are sowed directly into the ground for a higher survival rate for the California poppy to grow. Here are 5 easy steps on how to plant and grow California poppies:

  1. Look for a California poppy seeds at supermarkets, garden centers, or online. Once you already have your seeds, you can now start planting.
  2. California poppy can only grow when seeds are planted directly into the soil. Sow seed directly into the prepared soil.
  3. Once the plant grows, you can now trim off spent blossoms once California poppies start to fade. Do not worry, the plant will bloom again soon.
  4. You do not need to water the plant regularly, since it is a drought-tolerant plant. You can water them in moderation.
  5. Pull California poppies up after the first frost.

Health Benefits of California Poppy:

Having your own California poppy at home means you can directly gain its health benefits whenever you need. It is a known mild painkiller, as well as an effective treatment for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. California poppies can be prepared as tea infusions or tincture. However, it is also best to ask your physician about taking California poppy or any other herbal medicines, for it may produce any unwanted effects to your body or to your present condition.