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How To Overcome SAD And Its Harmful Effects

Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder And SAD

Winters are a tough time to pass, lack of sunshine leads to seasonal affective disorder which is one of the main cause for the human body’s circadian rhythm sleep disorder. With an increase in the number of patients suffering with SAD, many new therapies have been introduced to overcome it. However, the negative effects of SAD are too many and sometimes it becomes a typical problem persisting for a longer duration than expected. SAD is also known as the depressive disorder and every winter a person suffers from it. Dark mornings and evening becomes difficult to handle and lack of sunlight brings chemical imbalances in the body affecting your sleep and your daytime activities.

Winter Effects Of SAD Can Cause Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder hamper the proper sleeping mechanism of the body and especially in winters, it becomes very frequent for the circadian clock to shift and get out of sync. Melatonin secretion can become very typical and can be very random, depending upon the light conditions of the day. So, proper care must be taken so that seasonal affective disorder does not become a common problem in winters. Also, lack and irregular sleeping hours due to SAD can cause fatigue and frequent naps in the daytime.

Vitamin D And Its Importance For SAD

Vitamin D is very essential for the body and during winters less exposure to natural light can hamper its produce in the body. This also contributes to one of the major reason for the SAD and circadian rhythm sleep disorder. Phototherapy is hence a good therapy to help produce Vitamin D in the body. The broad-spectrum light is very essential for the skin to produce the Vitamin D. However, there are also some other things you can do to minimize the effect of SAD in circadian rhythm. Sleep disruption and depression when combined can be very difficult to bear and it hampers the effectiveness and efficiency of the person to socialize.

Precautionary Measures To Ovecome SAD Is A Must

How You Can Overcome SAD To Prevents Its Effect On Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder

Few things you can do to reduce the effect of SAD can be:

●      Exposure to natural daylight – Investing time every day to get the essential daylight sunlight exposure can help your skin to produce natural Vitamin D without much use of a phototherapy. Let your curtain be fully open and natural light come directly in your room during daytime.

●      Engage time doing exercise – Exercise is a good way to keep your body healthy especially in winters. Exercise has been proved to be the best way to fight against many type of disorder and it has positive aspects on treating SAD too. Investing money on an indoor exercise machine will be good.

●      Be informative – Join groups or surf the internet for regular updates on the natural treatment of SAD. Also, you can view other person’s result and what helped him/her to overcome their SAD. This is a great way to expand your knowledge about SAD and ways you can overcome it permanently.

●      Invest time to make some winter hobby – Depression is the root evil of SAD, so try to invest or divert your time in doing activities that brings fun to you. Don’t be alone and share your problem. This helps you to be socially strong as well as less of idle time.

So make sure that you choose the best way to deal with your SAD. Don’t let it become chronic as it may cause harmful effects to your sleep and make you victim of circadian rhythm sleep disorder.