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I Feel Very Tired – Do I Have Narcolepsy?

I see it often asked, especially by younger people, if being very tired all the time means that you have narcolepsy and the answer is no. Being tired all the time definitely means that you have a problem and quite possibly it is a sleeping disorder, but people who suffer from narcolepsy are most famously known due to the fact that they can fall asleep literally at any time. For example they can fall asleep while talking about something or while doing any activity (which is also why it is so dangerous).

If you feel always tired then it is important that you understand that this is your body communicating to you that there is a big problem. The problem is not the tiredness – that’s just the language of the body. You need to discover as soon as you can what is the problem which is causing you to be tired all the time and then you need to address this problem because if you just let it continue it can result in very negative consequences.

So, to conclude, very high chance or pretty sure that you do not have narcolepsy if you just feel tired all the time, but you do have a problem and it would be a very good thing for your body if you would solve it as fast as possible.


  1. narcolepsy is a serious sleep disorder, not sure why people think that just being tired indicates this… strange…

  2. I think they should definitely pay attention to that. It is a serious sleep disorder and that is one of its symptoms.