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Is Bedwetting Normal for 5- to 6-Year-Olds

Let’s Know – At What Age, Bedwetting Can Be Considered As Normal

Being a parent, one has to go through several milestones as they encounter with many new experiences and in these milestones, bedwetting is one of the most considerable point. In simple words, bedwetting is called to the habit in which a child wets his or her bed when sleeping and this condition gets controlled as the child gets older. As per doctors or child experts, bedwetting is normal if a child wets the bed at some fixed age, but if this habit continues longer, then certainly it is a considerable matter. Children rarely get dry overnight and it is a natural thing indeed. For 5-6 years of age, this condition considers as normal, but after that it becomes an abnormal habit.

Is Bedwetting At 5-6 Of Age Normal

Many parents worry about bedwetting issue in their children and it is quite obvious to worry about this thing because it ensures them the child’s development? When the child gets his or her control on bladder, then it ensures parents their step towards independency. So, bedwetting is a serious consideration of many parents. The famous pediatrician Dr. William Sears has researched about this issue and found out that around 15% children use to wet their bed at the age of 5. Moreover, he has also found several kindergarten class students having this issue. So, as per Dr. William Sears, it is a common issue if a 5-6 years old child has bedwetting issue.

Misconceptions About Bedwetting

Bedwetting Is A Habit Which Is Normal Till 5-6 Years Of Age

For children, parents always have tender point of view and they start blaming themselves for problems that their children have. Similarly, they think when they find their children suffering from bedwetting problem; however this is merely a misconception and if a child wets his bed, it definitely has no relation with parenting skills. Bedwetting in children is purely a physical issue. But some people connect it with apathy, abuse, laziness, anxiety or so on. It may be a result of stress but such condition only occurs in older children.

Causes Behind Bedwetting In Children

Certainly, there would be reasons behind bedwetting, but if you think laziness is one of the bedwetting causes, then definitely you are wrong. It occurs usually in deep sleeping phase when children are completely unaware. At such deep sleeping phase, the bladders of children do not indicate the mind about its fullness to brain. In old aged children, the bladders only indicate that no connection of brain and bladders has yet matured. In children of 5 to 6 years of age, the bedwetting may be a cause of urinary infection of tract. For better consultation, you should approach a pediatrician.

Good Solutions For Bedwetting

Bedwetting is a habit which is normal till 5-6 years of age and if your child has this problem, then being a parent, it is your first duty to assure your child. Your assurance to your child will help him or her to get rid of any kind of negativity. If you will not do so, then it may cause embarrassment in children. To evaluating the bedwetting causes in your child, you can take help of a pediatrician and also he will suggest you good treatment option. Though, it is found that children who bear bedwetting issue at 5-6 years of age outgrow this problem in some years.