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Sleeping Sickness or African Sleeping Sickness Overview

What Is Sleeping Sickness

The illness – sleeping sickness is a kind of parasite disease and is also named as human African Trypanosomniasis. In this disease, parasites belong to Trrypanosoma genus and through bites of Glossinagenus, it transmits to human beings. Cases of sleeping sickness are mainly found in Africa because Tsetse flies which only can be seen in this region. Though, you should learn that there are only few particular species of Tsetse flies that transmit sleeping sickness. Thus, somehow, you will find these flies in other regions too, but those flies will not cause sleeping sickness.  The disease can develop in varied areas at a time.

Study Key Factors Of Sleeping Sickness

In sub Saharan African region, the disease sleeping sickness develops in 36 countries due to Tsetse flies. The regions in which people are highly exposed to Tsetse flies where rural population depends upon fishing, hunting, animal husbandry and agriculture, sleeping sickness occurs in high range. There are around 95 percent people who suffer from Trypanosoma brucei gambiense which is one of the types of sleeping sickness. In 2009, there has been several control efforts for sleeping sickness and as its result, the cases dropped down to 10 thousand. To treat up this disorder, one requires skilled staff because of the complexity of the treatment.

Types Of Sleeping Sickness

The problem of sleeping sickness is categorized in two types which completely depends on involved parasite. The types of sleeping sickness include Trypanosoma Brucei Gambiense and Trypanosoma Brucei Rhodesiense. The first TBG type usually is seen in central and west Africa. 95 percent of HAT cases are considered to be in this type. It is a chronic infection type and with its effect, a sufferer gets infection for several months or sometimes years and during infection, no severe symptoms appear. The TBR type disease affects only 5 percent people and usually affects people in South and East Africa. It often causes acute infection and signs of this type of disease can be seen for weeks or months when infection occurs.

What Causes African Sleeping Sickness To Occur

The only cause of sleeping sickness is germs. There are two germs naming Trypanosomoa brucei gambiense and Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense which usually cause African sleeping sickness. Apart of these two sleeping sickness types, T Rhodesiense is highly critical illness. In this disease, Tsetse flies play a great role as they carry infection in them. When a fly carrying infection bites a person, it immediately spreads infection in blood. This disease is very famous in various sides of Africa and containing higher risk factors, but in US, it is quite rare to find such cases of sleeping sickness.

Learn Several Symptoms Of African Sleeping Sickness

A study about various symptoms of sleeping sickness will help you easily and quickly recognize this disorder. The general symptoms of African sleeping sickness include drowsiness in daytime, anxiety, headache, mood changes, fever, insomnia, uncontrollable sleepiness, swelling of lymph nodes in body, sweating, weakness, painful, red and swollen nodule etc.