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Snore calm foam ear plugs REVIEW

These ear plugs are very positively received by numerous people. On the British snoring online shop 131 people rated snore calm foam ear plugs 5 stars out of 184 total reviewers. That’s 71% giving a 5 star. Moreover, another 40 people gave 4 stars, so a huge 93% of people gave 4 or 5 star rating to this product.

Snore calm foam ear plugs are:


  • very comfortable

  • disposable
  • can be reused
  • very soft
  • self adjusting due to the foam slowly expanding
  • do not inconvenience the person by applying any kind of pressure in the ear
  • made from a foam which does not cause problems for people who have allergies or high sensitivities
  • they can be used to block out snoring just as well as any other external noise

The price of snore calm foam ear plugs & where to find the cheapest plugs

I found a 30 pair costing 8,99 GBP on the British snoring online shop – 0.30 GBP per pair. Also a 5 pair costing 2.25 GBP on Amazon UK – 0.45 GBP per pair.

Those prices do seem a little steep though when compared to similar foam ear plugs on Amazon USA. For example the following 3 products I found there cost between 0.15 USD and 0.24 USD, which is more than 2 times cheaper compared to the UK offers, so I would recommend to order from USA a large amount, but depending on what the shipping costs are from the shops you choose to buy.

Of course if you, your family or your friends are travelling to USA anytime in the near future, it would be the cheapest to just bring a pack in the luggage.

For those who live in USA – you are luckier! 🙂 and can order directly from Amazon USA at these low prices. Start by checking out the 3 offers below I picked from Amazon.