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Acupuncture for DSPS – An Alternative Medicine With Almost No Side Effects

Sleep disorder is disturbance in falling or staying asleep on regular times. Sleep disorders can be of different types to different persons. Unable to fall asleep and to wake-up at normal time is known as delayed sleep phase syndrome. DSPS is the most common sleep disorder in middle aged and older adults. Sleep apnea (obstructed berating), narcolepsy (falling asleep spontaneously) etc. are also kinds of sleep disorders other than delayed sleep phrases syndrome finds in human being. Disturbance in traditional sleep pattern does not only stay you awaked till late hours, it sometimes makes your life hell with all day fatigue and restlessness. There are ways to improve circadian rhythm the natural sleep cycle to overcome delayed sleep phase syndrome at any age.

Avoid Caffeine Intake During Bed Time To Help Alleviate Symptoms Of DSPS

Does It Necessary To Get DSPS Treated?

Treatment for DSPS is not always necessary. In a few it is a way of life. The students or those who work in night shifts have to follow an untraditional sleep pattern and eventually they become used to of such sleep disorders. These are the people who get accommodated with such sleep pattern which we consider as DSPS and for them there is no need of any treatment. If you don’t want to make a sleep disorder your way of life and want to get treated it fast you may focus on synchronizing the internal body clock.

Life Style Adjustments Are The Very Basic Of DSPS Treatment

DSPS treatments help a person to wake-up at a normal time without experiencing sleepiness during work. Mid case of Delayed sleep phases syndrome can be cured to get back to bed at traditional sleep time. Lifestyle changes such as following a regular bedtime, avoiding irregularities in work pattern and following a day plan helps a lot in rescheduling your body cycles. During bed time avoid tea, coffee and other stimulates to help alleviate symptoms.

Bright Light Therapy And Dietary Supplements To Cure Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

For more severe cases doctors suggest using bright light therapy. The bright light therapy treatment relies on using a bright light turned on by the bedside of the patient. The treatment also follows the same thing restricted in the evening. The patient should avoid bright light in the evening to ease the body and produce melatonin at the regular time. Chronotherapy helps in resetting the circadian rhythm. Some doctors recommend vitamin B12 and melatonin as dietary supplements to DSPS patients.  However, researchers are still working on these dietary supplements to find out their effectiveness and potential side effects.

Acupuncture Treatment – A Form Of Alternative Medicine For DSPS

Acupuncture is a treatment which clears blockage in the muscles to facilitate natural flow of qi. It naturally harmonizes sleep wake cycle. In acupuncture procedure the acupuncturist insert very fine needles at various points prior defined by practitioners to enhance energy flow in the body. The unrestricted energy flow benefits the body with decrease in various body pains, deeper berating and also better sleep patterns. All this helps in relaxing the body and raising the production of melatonin that ultimately gives you a sound sleep at regular times.