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Time Your Sleep To Overcome Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is one of the chronic sleep disorders that disturbs the sleep cycle of humans to a large extent. The person suffering has tough time to sleep in the early night hours and always stays awake till the early morning. This affects the time scheduling of the body and it does not allow body to wake up early in the morning.

Anxiety And Fatigue: The Two Main Aspects Of DSPS

Decrease In Sleep Timing Causing Fatigue

People suffering with delayed sleep phase syndrome often tend to decrease their sleeping time. This delay in sleep cycle often later result in diseases which often becomes chronic. Lethargy becomes the most common and it affects the working mechanism of the body. It also affects people relationship with friends and family because there is always a rage or dullness due to lack of sleep.

Studies Conducted On DSPS

There have been studies going on and it is often noticed that even when people go to bed in time they are not able to sleep. They often feel that their body mechanism shows symptoms as what they during daytime. Under this category, the most common people are students and professionals who study and work in different routines and often are deprived of good night sleep because of the work pressure. When they suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome they show lack of interest in everyday activities and are more lethargic because they didn’t sleep much which makes their body feel tired. This often leads to less concentration and also hampers their health in many ways.

Lack Of Sleep Even While Going To Bed In Time

How Does DSPS Affect Your Mind, Body And Soul

Although most of the sleep disorders are common but the acute reason for delayed sleep phase syndrome is yet to be discovered. But there are studies going on and it has been classified that the main causes behind this syndrome could be psychological problem that gets mixed with physical symptoms and disturbs the sleep wake cycle. There could also be reason such as foul smell, smoke and noise that is mostly a part of the environmental surroundings. Also a very important fact about it is the hobby of irregular sleeping time that you developed. Often found that people go for alcohol to inhibit sleep but it only has negative effects on the body and also it becomes a hindrance in the sleep. All this leads to anxiety and stress and often in the long run it takes the shape of insomnia.

DSPS And Medication

With proper medication and diagnosis there are certain chances that a person can recover from delayed sleep phase syndrome. It is often done by scheduling the sleep timings and phototherapy or light therapy performs an important function in revitalizing the sleep wake cycle. So to fight with your DSPS you should not drink and also don’t take anything which has caffeine.