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How Often Should I Use Blue Light For DSPS

Getting Purpose Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

In general terms, Delayed sleep phase syndrome is another form of sleep disorders in which the prime sleep episode of bedtime gets delayed for more than 2 hours. The issue of DSPS causes problem in awakening on scheduled time and thus, it affects overall day plans. In teens, it is a common sleep disorder that affects almost every second teenager nowadays. The sufferers of DSPS generally feel uneasy because they don’t feel way to get asleep quickly. To help themselves from this disorder, they use various solutions including taking help of someone for waking up early in morning, relaxation techniques, sleeping pills and so on, but mostly it do not work.

Knowing The Symptoms Of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Most of the DSPS patients suffer from various psychiatric and depression problems that mess up their sleeping schedule and develop such sleep disorders. Symptoms of delayed sleep phase syndrome are similar to the symptoms of insomnia. To determine this disorder you can consider signs like incapability in falling asleep as well as waking up on right time, presence of depression, headache and inappropriate sleep pattern. Thus, if you find any of these signs in you or any of your family members, then somehow it is a DSPS sleep disorder knock.

Causes Of DSPS

Sleep disorders is caused by non-synchronized state within the internal biological as well as external environmental clock. It has discovered that DSPS sufferers keep on awakening for around 2 AM at night and thus, they rise up very late consequently. This sleep disorder is purely affected by circadian rhythm which is connected to human brain. Basically, this is a biological clock that helps human body to function properly and is responsible for proper sleeping cycle. In the case of DSPS, this clock put negative impact over sleeping and waking schedule. Hence it is the main cause of this sleep disorder.

Blu-Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy To Cure Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

This is purely related to circadian rhythm wherein a patient’s sleeping and waking up pattern gets badly affected. Many times, people mis-diagnose this sleep disorder with insomnia; however it is not that serious like insomnia. In this disorder, a patient bears little sleeping issue as they start following wrong sleeping schedule. Blue light therapy is a prevalent treatment for DSPS. This therapy complements melatonin. To get appropriate result, the patient must sit exactly before the blue light box while treatment and with time, the problem will surely flush out.

Blue Light Therapy Cycle For Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome Treatment

For the treatment of delayed sleep phase syndrome, blue light therapy is the best treatment so far. According to expert physicians, this therapy must apply between 6 to 8 AM. Using this therapy during this time affects circadian rhythm which enhances sleep pattern in effective way. Closeness to the sources of light can also affect the treatment. However, the usage of the Blue Light therapy differs from patient to patient. Therefore, consulting a good doctor can be a smart way to effectively eradicate delayed sleep phase syndrome disorder.