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DSPS | Taking Sleeping Pills Is A Bad Addiction

Nowadays sleep disorders are quite common but still many people are not aware of the delayed sleep phase syndrome. Sleeping disorders is most significant in adolescence age; it contributes to about 16 percent. DSPS has been characterized as one the most common sleeping disorder. A person who suffers from it usually has its clock cycle delayed by couple of hours as compared to the normal 24-hour sleep cycle. It is caused by the abnormal functioning of the biological clock which affects body temperature, regular sleeping hours and makes you feel dull as it affects the alertness level of the body.

Abnormal Functioning Of The Biological Clock Affects The Alertness Level Of The Body

DSPS Should Never Be Linked With Insomnia

Delayed sleep phase syndrome is when a person’s sleeping hours is often flipped by one or two hours. They do not get sleep at the right time and when it comes to waking up they often are not able to do it at the scheduled time. Often alarms also do not work for them and they find it very difficult to cope up with their work, school or college lifestyle. Many people think it as insomnia or have a perception that the person has bad sleep hygiene but it is not the case, it shows symptoms of acute disruption of the biological clock.

Not Only Adults But Teenagers Can Also Suffer From DSPS

In teenagers this sleep disorder can wither away with time as their body’s metabolic and hormone system is strong and with passage of time they will finally be able to get rid of it. Parents often mislead their children regarding their sleep schedule and put pressure to maintain a good sleep habits but still the results are none. It must be made cleared that many researches have made it clear by various studies this irregular sleep pattern is often caused by non-synchronization between the external environment and the body’s biological or circadian clock.

DSPS And Its Adverse Effects On Your Lifestyle

Sleeping Pills Make The Brain Less Active

Delayed sleep phase syndrome causes adverse effects on the lifestyle of the people. You may develop a lot of anxiety and stress. This often becomes a cause for the onset of insomnia in the later stages if not treated at the initial stage. Also it develops irregular eating habits and an urge to complete sleep at daytime. There are also some cases in which a patient has undergone psychiatric mood disorder and depression. Often people take sleeping pills and our body starts responding to it but as and when they don’t take it, they find it hard to sleep as our body becomes addicted to take such sedatives to cause sleep. So taking sleeping pills won’t solve the matter and instead some good therapy like bright light exposure should be considered to avoid further effects of DSPS in our body.

Drinking At Night Time Can Develop DSPS

It’s always fine if you sometimes couldn’t sleep due to stress or anxiety in your everyday life but when you develop an irregular sleep pattern on regular basis than it is a sign of the sleeping disorders in your body. Usually when you have difficulty in sleeping early and waking up early, you show symptoms of delayed sleep phase syndrome. Insist on eliminating the usage of alcohol, smoking at bed time and taking sleeping pills, they often harm your likelihood of air closure during the night making your circadian rhythm disrupted.