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Discipline Your Sleeping And Food Habits To Cure DSPS

Sleep deprivation and sleeplessness are two dangerous aspects of life that can hamper your lifestyle and make you prone to many diseases. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is the most common sleep disorder that has spread widely in recent time. If you feel restless at daytime and having trouble getting into sleep at regular then don’t be casual about it, consult your doctor immediately. These are few common symptoms associated with the disruption of your circadian rhythm clock that controls your sleep. If you feel a little malaise, have difficulty in concentrating things and frequent changes in mood then it’s time to work upon your sleep hygiene.

Obesity And Sleep Disorder

Obesity Can Also Cause You Sleep Disorders

There are majority of people who do not even know that they are suffering from any sleep disorder. Many people know about insomnia but hardly have any knowledge about circadian rhythm disorder. Delayed sleep phase syndrome can be treated but you have to put in special efforts to manage your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Every sleep disorder is caused by bad sleep habits and also to some stage bad food habits. Obesity is also one reason that causes sleep disorder and makes you more prone to more dangerous diseases so it’s become necessary to manage your food habit and sleeping schedule to maintain good health.

Herbal Supplements To Help You Treat DSPS

Herbal supplements are also good to use to treat delayed sleep phase syndrome. There are following herbs that can help you in getting good sleep and also they help your body to relax which is very important in regulating your sleep cycle.

  • Valerian – This can be used before bedtime, it allows the nervous system to relax. It promotes sleep in the body.
  • GABA – It stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It is a chemical found in human body and it is used to treat mood disorder and depression, often symptoms of DSPS.
  • Camomile – It is helpful in relieving anxiety and it also act as a pain reliever that may be obstructing your sleep.
  • Kava Root –It has the wide range of therapeutic uses and it act as an anxiety reliever and kills stress.

DSPS Can Be Also Be Controlled By The Type Of Food You Eat Before Bedtime

Eliminate Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome By Eating Foods That Are High In Trytpphan

Sleep is largely dependent on the type of food you eat especially before the bedtime. You can improve your sleep and eliminate delayed sleep phase syndrome by eating foods that are high in trytpphan. It helps in the promotion of sleep in the body. You should also include bananas, milk, tuna, turkey and whole grain cereals and yogurt which help keeping your body sleep oriented. Avoid sleep at the noon time and make sure to wake up early even though you sleep late at night, this also helps in controlling your circadian rhythm.

Be Informative About DSPS To Diagnose It At Its Initial Stage

Sleep problems are regular but if it becomes habitual and starts hampering your life it’s always useful to be cautious about your sleep hygiene. Delayed sleep phase syndrome if treated at the initial stages can be controlled very easily. A few efforts from your end to discipline your sleeping habits may arise some excellent changes in your sleeping habits. So start working on it from today.