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Alcohol Consumption and Sleep

There are different types of alcohol and the alcohol that I am referring to is to the alcohol type “ethanol”. Ethanol is the type of alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages. Clinical studies have proven that regular alcohol consumption will not just cause various sleep disorders, regular alcohol consumption can even exacerbate or aggravate sleep disorders.

Sleep Disruption during Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption and Sleep

Consuming alcohol an hour before bedtime can cause disruption in the normal sleep pattern. Sleep disruption usually happens once alcohol is completely metabolized by the body. Moderate consumption of alcohol in one night can affect the normal sleeping pattern and can soon develop into sleeping disorders. However, if you consume moderate alcohol for 3 nights straight, you can possibly develop tolerance to alcohol with your sleeping pattern.

Improvement of Sleeping Patterns and Alcohol Consumption

You probably heard some people saying that they drink alcoholic beverage at night to help them get to bed. As a matter of fact, consumption of low doses or amounts of alcohol can help in promoting drowsiness and sleep. Alcohol can either be a substance that can promote sleep or it can be the total opposite. Some people may find drinking a bottle of beer to be effective in promoting sleep, while others do not. Some people may find drinking 4 bottles of beer to be effective in promoting sleep, while other find it too much. Some people may get drowsy after drinking a bottle of beer, while some people may feel energized and stimulated after drinking a bottle of beer. It is really up to a person’s previous alcohol consumption that can help determine whether or not their alcohol consumption can help in promoting sleep or it can disrupt their normal sleep pattern.

Insomnia and Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders that can affect anyone, from different age groups. There are a lot of different factors that can cause insomnia including stress, caffeine, alcohol intake, medications, etc. However, there are also a lot of different ways that can help promote sleep. Some people with insomnia may find drinking a bottle or two of beer or consumption of low doses of alcohol before going to bed to be an effective sleep promoter.

Cessation of Alcohol Can Lead to Sleep Disruptions

Some people are dependents to alcohol when it comes to their sleeping patterns. However, for those people who regularly use alcohol to help them get to bed abstain from alcohol, they usually develop disruptions in their normal sleeping pattern and may develop sleep disorders. Sleep disruptions during abstinence of alcohol consumption can be a major factor for a person to consume alcohol again.