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Can A Child With Sleep Apnea May Also Have Epilepsy

Possibility Of Epilepsy In Children With Sleep Apnea

From the studies of Sleep disorders, it has discovered that there are chances to have epilepsy in a child with sleep apnea. Basically, both of these sleep disorders create problems while sleeping. These are quite serious disorder; however it can be treated for sure. In the condition of sleep apnea, a child feels trouble in breathing while sleeping. Hence, it is crucial to get some effective medication immediately after recognizing symptoms of these sleep disorders. Consulting a doctor can help children to come out of this problem quickly.

The Way These Sleep Disorders Affect

In the case of an epilepsy patient, the disruption in sleep can promote a seizure. However, the person without such disorder, this sleep disruption can lead to irritation and anger during the day and sometimes it results in sleepiness in daytime, problem in concentration, headaches etc. It is heard that having the medicine for sleep apnea can benefit epileptic seizures. Generally, in sleep apnea, the sufferer feels difficulty in breathing and it creates minimum 5 times over 1 hour in normal condition, however, in severe conditions, this problem creates breathing issue around 20 times over an hour.

Children With Sleep Apnea Problem

Things You Must Know About Sleep Disorders

The relationship between epilepsy and sleep apnea is very close and clear. Epilepsy contributes a lot in sleep staging. To understand the problem properly, you should examine day time behavior of your child who encounters epilepsy. These problems directly have a relation with particular sleep disruptions and seizure frequency. Children who have these sleep disorders have several behavioral problems like opposition, bad concentration and inattention. The main root of these problems is abnormal patterns of sleep and frequency of seizure. Therefore, it is highly necessary to consult a good medical specialist for the betterment of a child.

Get A Clear Picture Of Sleep Apnea & Epilepsy Sleep Disorders

A child who has sleep apnea exhibit several problems while sleeping. In these problems constant loud snoring is a common one. However, incapability to thrive, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, breathing from mouth, restless sleeping hours, daytime sleepiness etc are some main problems assisting to sleep apnea; while epilepsy patient is more sensible to have unreasonable seizures. The problem of seizure can start from any type of injury or disease, however, no certain cause has found yet. The only way to determine these sleep disorders is to examine sleeping routine and daily behavior of a child.

Don’t Let Sleep Disorders Harm Your Child Anymore

Some people do not take sleep disorders a serious issue, but the reality is different. Ignoring sleep disorders like sleep apnea or epilepsy can be a great obstacle in your child’s overall growth. Thus, it is highly necessary to pay proper attention to these sleep disorders. For that, parents should first talk to a child specialist and then diagnose the problem There are several treatment options available to cure these sleep disorders. Anticonvulsant medications, surgery, ketogenic diet etc are treatment options for epilepsy, while to cure sleep apnea, doctors mainly recommend PAP i.e. positive airway pressure devices that help patients to get rid of these sleep disorders.