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Causes of snoring in men | What causes snoring in men

Men snore for the same generals reasons that people snore, which I cover in the short article “Why people snore?”, but here I want to add what are the causes of snoring in men which I think are more often found when compared to women.

Specifically I want to talk about 3 things, which could be a little controversial, but I think they are true: fat, hygiene and politeness.

Fat causes men to snore

Men, being larger and having more muscle as designed by nature already eat more than women. It is also often easy to see in the office or among neighbours and friends who men balloon up as they gather fat over months and years and walk proudly with their big bellies as if they have won some medal. I think men are more likely to gain weight than women and this additional weight creates more fat all around and inside the body. Specifically in the throat the air passageway becomes smaller and this can cause snoring in men.

This is why quite often the first thing the doctor will say is “you need to lose some fat”.

Lack of hygiene may cause snoring in men

Especially when talking about nasal snoring, which is the snoring noise which originates from the nose, a simple hygiene of cleaning up your nose before going to sleep could eliminate or reduce snoring in certain cases. However, due to lack of this basic hygiene among some men (not all) partners and family members get to suffer from the snoring.

Lack of politeness may be the cause behind snoring

There is a difference between men and women when it comes to social acceptance or opinion. It is famous that men feel proud for farting whereas this is not known to happen among women. Similarly, if a woman would snore, I strongly believe she would be so embarrassed that she would read about snore cures, whereas some men (not all) don’t really care about what others think and they will go sleep, snore and go to work not thinking twice about it.

So those are the 3 points I wanted to share concerning causes of snoring in men.

Also, did you ever wonder if men snore louder than women? Actually it is true! They do snore louder and more often! You can read more about that in that short article.

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  1. Yes some men even disturb the next door neighbour with snoring at night