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Central Sleep Apnea and Obesity

Central sleep apnea is a medical condition wherein a person will stop breathing multiple times due to the malfunctioning of the part of the brain which controls breathing.

Obesity in its extreme forms can cause sleep apnea which leads to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, a lower concentration of oxygen. When this occurs over time, it can act as the cause of other medical problems which can even cause death.

Central Sleep Apnea and Obesity

While it has been documented that Obesity can and does cause Obstructive sleep apnea, research has still not found any connection between central sleep apnea and obesity.

Central Sleep Apnea and Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

Can Obesity Cause Central Sleep Apnea?

Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome is a type of central sleep apnea where the problems in breathing arise due to both the increased pressure exerted on the respiratory system (due to obesity), damage to the part of the brain which controls breathing.

Cause of Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

As of today the cause behind this condition remains unknown. Some believe that when both obesity and central sleep apnea occur together in a person, it results in this syndrome. Other scientists think that extreme obesity somehow causes central sleep apnea in these patients, but no conclusive proof is present to support this conclusion.

Does Obesity Cause Central Sleep Apnea?

As of today it can be stated that obesity causes obstructive sleep apnea, but no proof exists to state that it also causes central apnea. With more research in the future a connection may be found, but as of now it cannot be said that obesity causes central sleep apnea.


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